Character application process

Started by Yokunama, July 22, 2005, 11:28:32 AM

Let us say...
Joe created a character and he put a little effort (time was limited) into it and he kind of knew that it was on the borderline of being accepted. He wants to go back and make a few changes, but sadly, he can not do such a thing. 24 hours later, Joe hasn't got a e-mail and his character is still listed as "currently applying". He wants to make a new character or rebuild the one he applied for. How will he do that?

1) Could Joe make later changes to his application although it is listed as "currently applying"?
2) How long will Joe have to wait until he can apply again?
3) Will he be able to "rebuild" (reapply) with the same character?
4) Will the staft look down upon Joe for doing such a thing?

Thank you
Joe sends out his thanks as well.


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You do not have that item.

You could send an email to the mud asking for your app to be rejected. But it might not be kicked out in time before it is approved.
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I would also suggest to Joe that in the future he might write out his character in another application (like Word) beforehand.  That way he can fiddle with it to his heart's content, spell check, save and come back to it later if something comes up, and so forth.  Once he's ready, applying is a matter of cut and paste and takes about three minutes.
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