Stat Changes

Started by Delerak, January 09, 2003, 02:26:19 PM

How do these work anyways? My current char is still "young" and I hear that when he turns adult or whatever the stats will either automatically change or you have to e-mail and request it.  I am happy with my stats, the only thing I would want changed is my strength which is really low.  What is the best way to get that changed?

Just for the record, getting your stats changed is something that will only happen 2 of 3 ways:

1. Use the 'reroll self' command within the first few hours of play to gain totaly new stats.  This command can only be used once, and wishing up or e-mailing into the mud to get them changed back to what they were will be a futile attempt.

2. If you character reaches a certain age for his/her race and is IG on their birthday, chances are that their strength and wisdom will change depending on age.

3. Sending an e-mail to the Mud account askin for the change in stat, coupled with an extensive log of what you have done to IG and IC to improve upon said stat.  Note:  This usualy only works for the strength stat, and your chances of haveing your request seriously looked over are very slim.
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Well that really sucks  :evil:

And also if you do email them letting them know you've missed alot of birthdays.  They'll then update your stats for you, and you don't get to request what you get.  It can be "risky" and has both disadvantages and advantages.

However, aging is apart of the game world and apart of life.  I'd recommend mailing if you've missed many birthdays, regardless of what the outcome might be.
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What would you consider many? The original poster was wondering about playing a younger character that gets into adulthood. From the way the game is set up a younger character cannot start 'that' young, so there are not too many birthdays he could have missed.

Well, looking at my pathetic 27 year old body...

I'd say there was a difference from the skinny 16 year old punk to the fit 20ish man.  Now that I'm nearing thirty things are beginning to head south....the wrong things.

So, personally I'd say from youth to adulthood would be one stat change request and then another each decade that passes.