Gem Numbers and Magick Words

Started by A. Gemmerson, June 05, 2005, 12:27:45 PM

I have three questions:

First - I know that the rarity ladder of magickers is basically their karma order (Vivadu/Ruk being most common, then Whira/Krath, then Drov/Elkros and Nilaz being rarest).  How many of those, though, are registered in Allanak and wear a gem?
Is something like a hundred Viv/Ruk, fifty Whirans/Krathi and about two dozen Drovian about accurate, or are those figures too small?
Second - Nilaz has no temple in Allanak, but are there any VNPC Nilazi gemmers that walk around, and openly identifying themselves if yes?  How many?

Third - Some magick words are pretty similar to real English words (wek = weak, mutur = motor...whatever :P).  Do the same similarities exist between these words and Sirihish or another commonly spoken language, or is noting this ICly simply incorrect play?

Most of the answers to these questions are probably too IC sensitive to go into on these boards. If you'd like to know the answers to 1 and 2, please try and find out in-game (preferably), and/or email the Myself/the Mud (less preferable, but if you can give us a good reason why your character would know accurate census information, we might be able to help you).

The answer to your third question is: You and your character are free to make any sorts of connections between magick words and their native languages all they want. That in no means makes it right. ;)