Started by Revelations, May 13, 2005, 05:42:51 PM

Is it O.K. to ask what the staff will be doing at the AIM in terms of Armageddon?
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Typically they hold at least one meeting that's a lot like player-staff meeting, brainstorm ideas, talk about direction we want the mud to go in.

But for most part, it's R&R.

Yeah... the AIM has ... for the most part ... been our chance to not be imms for a week. We do banter about the mud on and off, because it's one of the big things we have in common. Mostly though, it's a chance for us to meet each other (there's new people every year) and get to know the fellow staff members as people. It makes it easier to work with them.

A lot of neat ideas have grown organically out of the AIMs in the past, mostly because while we're getting killed by Ness on the X-Box, or fishing, or tossing a football  back and forth, or whatever, ideas are floating around.


Saikun enters the kitchen and brings forth an ambrosia of his own making, a thing whose glory reaches beyond the perceivable, a taste unlike those which have been discerned by man in ages past.

(Although that may be because man in the past had better instincts.)
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Ooo... Savak's getting a little extra something special in his shepherd's pie, all right.

Also, Raesanos, I am flattered. This year should be interesting. I've never made it for so many people before.


This is the 5th or 6th year we've done this, I think.  One year was spent rebuilding ginka, and we went through the bugs/typos/ideas files fixing a huge slew of stuff.

For the most part, though, it's a chance to hang out with each other, and get to know the new people.  We take turns cooking, so people get a chance to show off whatever their speciality is.    There's at least a couple consoles around, and people playing (Gladiator, the Sims, and Soulcaliber II were favorites last year) and usually board games such as Settlers of Catan or Illuminati.  And cards - usually euchre, lots of euchre.

There are chances to brainstorm and talk about policy, and we take advantage of those.  I always come home with a bunch of ideas generated there.  But it's mainly R&R - a lot of good friendships have grown out of this tradition, and I'm really looking forward to it.

I personally can't wait to go this year. It is a great, relaxing time and it's an awesome group of people - very mellow and fun.

(I'm bringing x-box stuff this year, muah.)
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I'll be sitting by the pool, lying on the beach, sitting in the hot tub...

Oh wait, did you say Armageddon? What's that again....    :twisted:
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I go for the board games. And to watch the fistfights over who gets to cook.

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