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When you guys are snooping, what is generally your favorite type of character to watch?
your mother is an elf.


Just kidding.  Really.

Heh, Me too!

Actually I enjoy watching people realistic RP. People who really envelope themeselves in their characters. This is very non-specific though, it's no particular class or guild.
Sometimes I feel less like an immortal and more like a drug dealer.

All kidding aside, what I really love is watching someone who uses thinks.  It fleshes the character so much that the character becomes 3-D in my mind.    Players who use thinks also have clear advantage over those who don't - at least, in my book.  Thinking helps clears up any questions on why you're doing this or that, and makes your character come to life.  

Scenario:  Man forages.  No thinks.  No obvious indications of why he is doing this, because all he's doing is, 'forage stone' em grunts, shuffling around. 'forage stone' em grunts, shuffling around for stones.  My first thought is often, "Bleh.  Spam forage with minimum emotes" And then I start debating on what I should do - comment the player to see what he says (which often has a negative result), make a note on his account, slap his hands, or leave him be?

Now!  If Man is foraging, and had thinks all along, "I'm gonna kill him.  He's going to pay for killing my cousin. Grrr!  I want to strangle him and see his face turn purple!  Gotta find the perfect stone for bashing his head in...Red color for blood?  Or white?" etc, etc.  Then I'm delighted!  This is more likely to receive positive comments.

Now, I'm not saying that you should think all the time - that can be tedious sometimes, I know, but...it's sure nice!

I used to like loners, but many loners don't show me much to monitor -- I look at them once in Luirs, nothing nothing, forage branch, nothing, nothing, kill buddha, nothing nothing nothing, they're sitting in some tavern in Tuluk, nothing nothing..etc.  (But, an active "loner" remains my personal favorite -- I know what they're doing and why pretty much all the time.)  

When I'm looking for people to monitor other than people in my own clan (who I always monitor, if I'm online) I do a quick look to see who is in the wastes somewhere.  If there's five of them I usually look in to see what's going on, but often it's someone else's clan & it becomes too busy to watch all of them as well as my own clannies.  But if there's one or two, I usually listen in more closely and try to bring the world alive for them, if they're letting me know by their actions what's happening.

I very rarely, however, follow anyone along and only pop in when something's happening -- I watch just the monitor feedback, which avoids the movement spam but means I don't know what's happening if nobody includes their surroundings in their communications or emotes.

My clans -> wilderness loners -> wilderness groups.  Sometimes city events/meetings if I hear they're going on.

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To use Savak's flowchart...

My clans>people in taverns>gossips, sluts, and drama queens of either gender

Often these categories have considerable overlap.
Nyr: newbs killing newbs
Nyr: hot newb on newb violence
Ath: Mmmmmm, HOT!

I wanted to pick up on a point Ashyom made.  One of the questions I often see on the immortal is "Why is <character name> doing <action>?" or its cousin, "Why is <character name> in <place>?" because to the staff, at the moment of asking, it doesn't make IC sense to us.  At that point we can watch and see what's going on or we can ask the character's player what's up, which disrupts play.  An occasional think about why you're doing whatever anomalous thing you're doing, or why you're in the place your clan has marked off limits goes a long way towards helping us.