Small Allanak RPT - Friday, March 25

Started by Naiona, March 23, 2005, 12:32:34 PM

There will be a small RPT in Allanak this Friday evening, March 25.  Characters with an interest in Allanaki Politics (including merchants and templars) may want to be there.

If you are playing a noble, merchant family member or templar, you have receieved a virtual invitation to attend a party sponsored by House Borsail to celebrate the anniversary of Lord Senator Marcus Borsail's time as senator.  The invitations mention 'Refreshment offered at the Atrium following the Arena event'.

Commoners would have heard rumors that Borsail is spending a lot of money on a big party this month, and that those with special talents are flocking to the house servants trying to get their piece of the coin by offering bardic and other services.
brainz: it's what's for dinner.

Just a reminder that this is tonight.  It will probably begin about 8pm EST.  If you are one of the organizers, you will want to be a little early.

If you are all nice to me, I might not tell Halaster.
brainz: it's what's for dinner.