dropping food plants

Started by a.k., February 13, 2005, 01:15:43 PM

Just wondered about dropping the food plants i pick up, because they are not what I'm looking for.  Do they slowly sink into the sand and get wasted? (I think the plants/animals in a room do run out if over harvested?) Or do the dropped plants return to the "pool"
IC and OOC I dont like just "wasting" :?

I'm not 100% certain I understand what you're trying to ask, so I'm curious to see what the other staff have to say.

My answer, though would be this:

If your PC feels that you are wasting something, doing whatever it is you're doing, then maybe you are. I suggest finding out IC for certain, one way or another, and/or modify your characters behavior to match his or her IC worries/ecological philosophies.

You also may wish to email the Mud, at mud@armageddon.org with a more detailed question, if you feel getting into it would be too IC for these boards.