A question about class skills

Started by Assassinninniniin., February 06, 2005, 04:01:02 PM

Just curious if say a warrior with very good wisdom improves just the same as an assasin with very good wisdom. Or, does a subguild archer improve just as much when he fails as a guild ranger?

I've played alot of different guilds and it seems I had to train nearly twice as hard to become talented with my weapon skills as an assasin as I did with my warrior before him and they both had the same wisdom skill.

We don't like to directly answer stuff like that, but suffice to say smarter people tend to be better learners.  It only makes logical sense.

However, it only makes sense that your warrior is going to become a 'master' at weapons before an assassin is, because warriors are the best fighters.  Period.
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