A question of Marriage

Started by Maybe42or54, January 24, 2005, 08:38:00 AM

I was reading through what I know of various houses and I realized something, all the recorded marriages are Man and Woman. All of them that I know of. If sex has no bearing on anything in Arm, Why is this?

Are there more houses that have gay marriage?

Or is it just because man and woman are fertile together? Though, I wouldn't expect every marriage be made under the condition to "bear" children.
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Pretty much the main purpose of any Armageddon marriage is to produce children and heirs.  I can't think of any instance where this would not be true (though there may be some).

It is certainly possible that a same-sex marriage could occur, but it should be remembered that these are not romantic pairings, but political and economic ones.  Concubines and consorts are for romance and fun - spouses are for making kids and political alliances.  In some instances, partners might share the same concubines (In the north, where commoner concubines are not acceptable - substitute slaves) - thus taking care of same-sex preferences.
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However, it is not unheard of for commoners to marry each other because they want to.  Not because of politics, or children, or any other reason aside romantic ones.

Zalanthas is harsh, the desert is tough, but they're still humans who have human emotions.  Love is one of those, so yes, some people can and do marry out of love on Zalanthas.
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Likely the reason a historian records a marriage is for one of the reasons Naiona listed.  A political alliance, or the production of offspring.  Most historians aren't too concerned that Bob loved Amy so they got hitched.  They are concerned about Henry, their son, being born, because that shows how their little family unit continued on throughout the ages.

So, marriages in recorded histories (and this is true in RL too) are typically (but not always) recorded to show family trees, or succession of power, or the continuation of a house, or some reason like that.  Just because a document doesn't say more, doesn't mean there wasn't more, if that makes sense.
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The question being about same-sex "marriages" (not a term I dig in Zalanthas), or "pairings" or "relationships" or "concubines" or "bondings" or "wahatumas" or whatever -- the main reason you haven't heard much about them is that PC's haven't shown much interest or effort in displaying those sorts of relationships.  Not because they don't happen.

That said, as far as I know, no particular House or group is known to be heavily into or against the same-sex-thing, either.
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