A Question Regarding Special Applications

Started by moab, November 23, 2004, 02:58:23 PM

I just read on the GDB that someone had submitted a special application two months ago and having just submitted one myself, I became curious about the process of approving them and the time frame the staff uses to review and accept the applications.

I decided to post on the GDB because I thought the topic might find some interest among other readers and because I didn't want to seem to be spamming the mud account with emails - after all, I'm waiting on an applicaiton as well.  :-D

This is not a critical post.  If anything, I'm approaching the topic with a sincere wish to understand the mechanism behind approval process and why it might take someone two months to recieve approval (or perhaps) rejection.

Two months seems like a long time to me.  Does it seem like a long time to you?  

There is no doubt that I'm missing some basic facts - otherwise I would understand the lengthy process and am curious as to what those facts might be.

If it is difficult for staff to find time to do special applications, perhaps the karma system should be revisted?  If the staff is swamped with applications for delfs or water clerics that have to be approved through this (apparently) complicated method perhaps those should more common applications should be pushed through some "streamlined" process.  

Thanks for insight into the process.
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This explains the process pretty well:
Quote from: "nessalin"
Quote from: "Solas"Why is it that special character applications are put at a low enough priority that it takes sometimes over a month to get them approved or not?
Because this is an extra, a courtesy, extended to people that don't have karma for roles they'd like to try.  This isn't something we consider a 'must have' like normal applications, object/room/npc changes/updates, code fixes, GDB upkeep, machine upkeep, typo fixes.  It gets low priority because the existing system for karma handles most needs.

Quote from: "Solas"
I'd say it could probably be ranked in priority with item requests but does it have to take so long?
You could say that, and you would be wrong.  It takes so long because this isn't a simple matter of looking over the sdesc/desc/keywords/background and deciding if this fits into the gameworld.  Account and Character notes are looked at, other staff are pinged about wether the applicant could handle the role, and consideration is given to how saturated the game is with the requested race/guild request.

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Items I understand could take a long time with writing the descriptions and implementing any codes to it, but what is it that makes applications take alot of time? Sheer number of applications? I'm sure if people knew the time and effort involved in an application, they would be more willing to wait a long time.  :wink:
Number of people applying, quality of applications, how much research is needed before giving an answer, and how much freetime is left after doing the weekly 'must haves'.  Again, this is the lowest priority item for staff, it happens only after everything else gets done.

You are welcome, and encouraged, to make another character while waiting on your special application because it may take a while for us to get back to you.

Addenum - if you haven't heard anything within a month, feel free to resend your application and a polite inquiry on your status.