For those who like sharp, pointy sticks...

Started by Xamminy, October 30, 2004, 02:56:23 PM

With Ix having recently retired and Karianna on leave, something obviously needed to happen, and no, I'm not talking about wiping out Salarr while they had no Immortal matter how much fun we would have sipping our cocoa and telling stories about it around the fire for years to come.  No, what I'm really talking about here is that someone needed to step up that knew what was going on in Salarr, that had the time to devote to such a bunch of miscreants, that knew the ins and outs of all those weapons and armor.  Instead, you're getting me and Daigon, so deal with it.

> sing (dancing around with a wand in one hand) Put that together and what do you got?  Ximminy Xamminy, Ximminy Xamminy, Ximminy Xamminy Xoo!