Packing his bags

Started by Gargath, October 30, 2004, 12:43:19 PM

I have a new job and it is taking up a fair ammount of my time. I had to decide if I wanted to give up running PCs or being on staff. As being on staff takes a lot more work (email, ooc research, any building, interaction, monitoring, etc) and I have always been a player first...I opted to step down as an active Imm.

It has been an awesome experiance to get to know and work with some of the Armageddon legends. One I will never forget.

I always tried to be the Imm that I always wanted as a player, I hope that I did just that and changed the experience for at least one person. I had tons of fun interacting with you guys, at times in subtle ways and other times in more active ways.

Gargath, the Scapegoat of Despair

Softly, the evil sorcerer says, in sirihish:
     "Great Tektolnes' Hairy Balls!  That's rather amazin'"

The evil sorcerer thinks: Hm, does he really have hair on them?  Gah.. stop thinking about this.