"Picking" plants

Started by JollyGreenGiant, October 03, 2004, 04:25:40 PM

Since the "break" command is supposed to work on plants, and "pick" isn't documented as working on any plants (although it does work on a handful), if we run across plants that are pickable but not breakable, should we bug/typo them?
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No. Break is supposed to imply your actually breaking them open. Not that your just using a command to simulate a virtual action other then breaking them.

And it will alter the plant forever, either leaving it broken or in an altered state.

Some plants can be picked from and stay there, possibly grow more fruit later, etc.

So no, dont bug items that are pickable but not breakable, because here is likely a logical reason behind it being so.

If its appropriate we can just document the feature of picking from certain plants, either in its own helpfile or as an addendum to the break one.