Xamminy - unclanned immortal?

Started by Akaramu, September 06, 2004, 04:46:43 PM

Quote from: "Sanvean on Staff Announcements"Xamminy will be working with unaffiliated players and Winrothol.

I'm just dying to know!  :)

Does this mean you are our 'official' immortal for unclanned players now? What exactly does this include? I could imagine there are -loads- of unclanned players who might start spamming you with requests, so... what kind of immortal support does this position offer?

These points interest me in particular.

-Are you actively watching the play of unclanned players and providing feedback / advice if requested? For example, if I am playing my unclanned desert elf sorcerer and I have no idea how to realistically interact with a new camp of NPCs I discovered, could I email you?

-Are you accepting and commenting PC personality profiles and updates? I normally love writing those, it would be great to be able to send them to -someone-. But if a lot of players do this, it is starting to sound like way too much work for a single immortal.

-How about requests for unclanned mini events that require NPC interaction and / or room echoes, could those be directed to you?

-Unclanned plots: Similar to the point above. If a plot driven by unclanned PCs requires immortal intervention, is this something you would handle?

I know that kind of requests was supposedly handled by the mud account so far, but in my experience I have been lucky to even get a response from account mail (for understandable reasons), and it didnt seem like a good way to handle any of the above problems, to me. An unclanned immortal handling such requests sounds like the best idea ever.

But as only one immortal was assigned unaffiliated, and is working with Winrothol as well, I wonder exactly how much is alright to bother you with.  I all by myself can already be pretty spammy, ask Ashyom.  :wink:

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I'll leave this mainly for Xamminy to answer but I did want to comment.

Some things are also assigned to other Imms as well so Xam isnt left alone and overworked heh. For instance, Bhagharva and myself work with d-elves (he does c-elves as well I think). I'm pretty sure someone is assigned to general northlands and southlands types of things to.
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Okay, here's a little bit of insight into how it works up here...

There are three ranks of staff:  Storyteller, Highlord and Overlord.  As a Storyteller, I do not have all the access and ability to assist as a Highlord or Overlord, but there is plenty I can...so if something is sent to me, I can still get someone on it that can help.

Yes, I am actively watching unclanned people and providing feedback.  There are a lot of you, though, so don't expect me to be watching you all the time...not to mention that I have to sleep at least three hours a day.

For the unclanned, the weekly update sort of emails that are sent to clan IMMs aren't necessary.  However, any plot thats that you are involved in, please keep me up to date on so that I can try to work with you all for those.  This could be in the form of animating NPCs when appropriate and setting up RPTs.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'mini events' though.  I do try to keep an eye on things and give room echoes or NPC interaction whenever I can.

Still, really, the best thing to keep in mind for sending email to me is this...if you are not in a clan, but if you were, you'd need to send an email to your clan Immortal, send one to me.

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Something else to note, Karianna is also listed as working with unaffliated players and Zhaira with unaffliated magickers.
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Heh...yeah, forgot to mention that part.  I'm NOT the only one.  I mean...if I was, damn.  I'd be swamped!  There's way too many unclanned people for just little ole me.

> sing (dancing around with a wand in one hand) Put that together and what do you got?  Ximminy Xamminy, Ximminy Xamminy, Ximminy Xamminy Xoo!

I am here to offer my services also, YESH.

And the rest of what Xam already covered ;)

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Also, that will be one of my roles, too.  It wasn't announced yet because we were still discussing it.

So, there are 3 Immortals who will work with unclanned/unafiilliated people:  Xamminy, Karianna, and myself (Halaster).
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