Two points: (including recruitment)

Started by Savak, September 03, 2004, 12:19:50 AM

1) Most of you won't have noticed, since I've only recently returned from extensive travelling and hiatusing, but the last 48-72 hours I've had serious confuser problems, requiring the dreaded Reformat, followed by acquisition of some boot sector Bad Thing, and a revisit of Reformat.  At any rate, THIS time Microsoft, my confuser, and the numerous associated other bits of software seem to be getting along in the matrix.  For now.  But, email of the last 48-72 hrs has been lost; if you sent me any, it would be wise to resend.

2) Recruiting for the Tan Muark is currently OPEN.  I'd like to take a handful of the interested, with a warning that the tribal life is not for the faint of heart -- which is why as we rebuild an active PC base I'm limiting the first few (hopefully just those over the next week) to those who have played at least a few characters in Armageddon previously.  Overall, however, I'm not averse to applications from "new" players, reviewed on an individual basis.

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