Special Applications

Started by Sanvean, August 23, 2004, 12:32:03 AM

Be aware that there is no guarantee of a quick turnaround on these.  You are welcome, even encouraged, to make another character in the interim.

The ability to submit a special application are extended as a courtesy, to give people a chance to play something beyond their karma level if they have a good concept on occasion.

Wishing up repeatedly about your app is not going to speed things along; repeatedly emailing me separately is not going to speed things along; posting on this board is not going to speed things along.  Instant messengering me about your special application  is not only not going to speed things along, but pretty much guarantee that I put you on my block list.  All that these assorted activities has accomplished so far is make me wonder if we should get rid of this system, because it's getting somewhat obnoxious and ending up frustrating both players and staff.

I don't mean to sound cranky, even though I'm starting to edge into that territory, but please understand that these apps are not a high priority for us, and that right now we're in the middle of staff interviews and some staff rearranging as a result.  Thanks for your patience.