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Title: Introducing: Havoc Warband
Post by: Wychokka on April 17, 2020, 11:03:06 PM
The T'zai Byn, the largest and oldest mercenary guild in the Known, is well known for its brutal effectiveness as well as its neutrality, which has allowed it to function so successfully for so many years - initially in Tuluk, before its gates were closed, and now exclusively in Allanak. It is however regarded by many citizens as a group of unruly and undisciplined tavern brutes, drunkards, foreigners, thieves, and goons. And well, let's be honest, they wouldn't be far off the mark.

In recent years the Company has had to navigate some unique challenges, namely, steady population growth in Allanak, and the merging of older Tuluki units into the existing framework of the guild. In light of these challenges, senior command has commissioned the creation of a new division to accommodate the slight increase in numbers. This has not happened in many decades, and will likely not happen again (if at all) for many more.

What you might hear, in the right circles, is that the new division is being headed up by a former Fury Warband Lieutenant.

So what does this mean?

In short, it means that the T'zai Byn has a new playable warband. All existing PCs, and all future PCs, will be drafted into Havoc Warband and the new units it houses, which are:

The Crimson Spiders
The Black Skulls
The Storm Horrors

The Dripping Fangs
The Wild Scorpions
The Ash Vultures
The Burning Shields

* Only units in italics will be playable by PCs, for the time being.

One of goals with this change is to encourage current and future Sergeant PCs (and their unit members) to feel they are part of a living and growing organisation with a rich history and plenty of accolades and stories - and that they can impact contribute to that history with their actions.

Three of these units (the playable ones) will start with some background history, and they along with the remaining four units (which we will eventually make playable) will have their new history written by you, the players.

More on that in game, and on the T'zai Byn forums.

What does this change about playing in the Byn?

In practice, not a lot! But players can expect a fresh experience in a brand new warband, headed up by a brand new (NPC) Lieutenant. PCs will also experience some changes to how progression works within the clan and the warband mechanic at large, which we hope will be an interesting tweak to the existing system. Further details, as always, can be discovered in game.

When will this go live?

This is now live in the game. Ask around for more details!