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Title: Yes, it's true. HRPT time
Post by: Shabago on November 15, 2009, 10:37:11 PM
Just in case you didn't catch that in the subject line... H.R.P.T

It is HIGHLY recommended that those of you who can, should look into clearing your schedule for the day of Dec 6th, 2009 and get yourselves IG to witness quite the event. There will be a more concrete time forthcoming for that date as it approaches.

One more time for good meassure. H...R...P...T
Title: Re: Yes, it's true. HRPT time
Post by: Adhira on November 24, 2009, 07:26:13 PM
There MAY be things happening throughout the day on the 6th, the prime 'action' times are likely to occur sometime within 4.30 - 9pm PST.
Title: Re: Yes, it's true. HRPT time
Post by: Adhira on December 06, 2009, 11:54:17 PM
Thanks for logging on everyone. We expect (hope) that over the coming weeks and months what has happened so far will be the fuel for many stories and plots. We're looking forward to where y'all run with it.

A big thanks to Shabago who picked up the HRPT ball a couple of months back and ran with it. Their initial planning helped give us all some direction, and they built a large chunk of the rooms that you see in game. Nyr needs a thanks for working with Shabago and approving all the things he did.

Shaloonsh, Olgaris, Thistle, Uruz, Qetesh, Ath, Cavaticus, Senga, Tzurahro all tackled different parts of the world and worked to come up with the appropriate world echo's, local echo's, necessary room changes and so on.  These guys did a lot of work and it's appreciated.

Tiernan wrote some kickass code so that we could actually achieve the effects we wanted and Olgaris and Thistle put together some scripts to add to the event.

All in all a big thanks to everyone on staff. I'm really proud of the amount of effort everyone put in.  Not everything went perfectly, we had a lot to react to on the fly, but on the whole staff did everything they could to give players an experience.  That was a marathon effort, we're closing in on 12 hours of staff activity.  I'm proud of them all.

A big thanks to you, the players, for turning up, reacting so wonderfully, making things exciting for us to watch.
Title: Re: Yes, it's true. HRPT time
Post by: Shalooonsh on December 06, 2009, 11:56:16 PM
I want to second that with all of my little black heart (as well as all of the ones I have ripped from the bosoms of players, which I collected on my shelf).  You all did such an amazing job this day, breathing life back in to the world, improving the atmosphere for all you played with.