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Title: Hotel Info for NYC
Post by: sarahjc on September 30, 2004, 05:15:33 PM
For those not staying with me.. I am no longer excepting guests. La Villa Curatolo de Mordetsky is now full. So that means.. If you are planning to stay with me and have not spoken to me.. PM me today please. I may not have counted on you staying.

For all others that are thinking of coming, I strongly recommend the Millennium Hilton Downtown.

It’s across from the world trade center site, and many subway lines. E23R4&5 train, all of which will take you to 14th street. Your trip to my house by subway from there Via (L train) will be about 5 minutes or so. I found a rate on orbitz for 179 a night for the Hilton. That is a really good rate for an NYC 4 star hotel, and it’s also a beautiful hotel, very new and you are away from midtown mobs, which can be daunting at best.

These is also a Howard Johnson around that Area that I think is a bit cheaper, Downtown is better to get to and from location wise and pricewise.

I STRESS, IF YOU WANT A ROOM BOOK EARLY!.  you cannot get anything a 3 star or better in Manhattan less than a week before travel.  You just can't. I would think around Christmas time it is worse. Also rates go up.

So far people with rooms or that are considering rooms are:


You may want to talk to these people to see what their deal is, if they want roomies, and such.