Fancy yourself a sorcerer? Rolecall!

Started by Usiku, May 24, 2023, 11:27:39 AM

In our relentless pursuit of antagonistic excellence, we are excited to announce that we are accepting applications for a role that requires an individual with an insatiable desire to wreak havoc and embrace their inner villain.

You heard us right, folks. The Known needs a Defiler with a capital D. Not just any old hand-waver, mind you - we're talking the kind of spellcaster who doesn't just pull fireballs out of the air, but will strive to achieve, lead, dominate or intimidate. This is a high-level role and applicants are warned - this position is not for the faint-hearted.

The successful sorcerer-to-be will start out as a regular nobody (or somebody, depending on your concept), they may already be aware of sorcery and have a desire for it or they may find themselves a 'victim' of our schemes and have sorcery thrust upon them. They should have a penchant for twisted schemes, and a joy for thwarting plucky heroes.

Responsibilities include:

Be a self-starter, you will have a staff support and a sponsor, but we want you to bring your drive and ideas to the role
Regular plotting of malevolent deeds
Casting nefarious spells with impeccable timing
Being the scariest thing in any given room
Decent play times that allow you to keep moving plots forwards
Regular reporting to your super special sorcerer management team (Enthemu and myself)


You must be a 3 karma player
You must be willing for your cherished PC to be twisted into an evil defiler
The PC in question will need to be outdoor capable and wilderness comfortable (Adventurers need not apply)
Be prepared to travel
This can be a brand spanking new PC OR a PC who is currently in game but rocking sub-guild: none (No pesky magickers though)

Tell us:

Who your PC is 'now' and why would they be a good candidate to be corrupted?
What kind of defiler would they be? What kind of goals or aims or activities might they partake in?

Sound like your kind of mischief? Send in your role applications now!

Closing date 31st May.

Applications close at midnight tonight!