Player Committee

Started by Halaster, March 30, 2023, 12:06:53 PM

Quote"A player committee of five trusted players will act in an advisory capacity in two areas.  One, when a staff complaint is received and the Producer Team makes a decision, they will relay that decision to the Player Committee for advice before finalizing it to the player making the complaint.  Two, when a player is banned from the game, staff will notify the Player Committee of the details of the ban for the sake of transparency."

We are now looking for five trusted players to serve on a Player Committee.  The purpose of this Player Committee is to help provide transparency over Staff Complaints and Game Bans.  I'd like to get the people lined up as a first step, then we can work together to figure out the logistics of it (do we create a separate discord channel, or GDB forum, or what).  Members of this committee will not divulge any specifics of anything learned from their time on this committee.  By limiting this to five representatives of the playerbase, we feel this is a good compromise between staff wanting to keep private certain situations and the need for transparency .

What the Player Committee will do:

1.  Once a staff complaint is received and the Producer Team makes a decision on how to handle it, they will first relay that decision to the Player Committee for advice before finalizing it to the player making the complaint.  The Producer Team retains the final authority on how they are handled, but will be seeking counsel from the Player Committee when doing so.

2.  When a player receives a ban from the game the Player Committee will be notified of the details.


In the beginning, members of the Player Committee will have similar restrictions as staff avatars:

1)  You may not be in a leadership position, this includes templars, nobles, GMH family/leader, Byn/militia sergeants or the equivalent. For this use case, leader means anyone who has the power to hire/fire, or can enforce serious punishment on others in their clan. Examples that would not be allowed: Bashurit Thasik, Salarri Crew Leader, Player Clan Leader. Examples that would be allowed: Tribal mages as long as they're not also leaders, noble aide, Byn First Trooper, Militia corporal.

2)  You may not play a psionicist.  It is too difficult to always remember where you learned a piece of information.

(Sorcerers would be OK)

We could potentially lift these restrictions after a while if we realize they're not necessary.  But we would rather be cautious about any possible conflict of interest of the members of the Player Committee as we kick this off.

If you are interested, put in a request as a Role Application with the title Player Committee.  You don't have to give much detail, just a quick little blurb about why you want to be on this committee.

The current Player Commitee consists of the following players:



A small update about the Player Committee now that it's been active almost 3 months.  Early on we collectively decided to put off discussion about how to bring on new members, but now we've had that talk and here's what it will be moving forward:


1.  New members to the Player Committee will be selected by opening a rolecall for one week.  At the end of that time, the Producers will gather the names together, veto any that they feel would not be a good faith actor on the committee (i.e. banned players), and then replacement members will be selected randomly.

2.  Requirements for being on the Player Committee are to be at least semi-active in the Community.  Active playing is not required.

3.  Every six months the two members who have been on the committee the longest will be resigned and replacements found.  For the original group of five players, two will be randomly selected to resign at the end of the first six month period.

We also added some rules to the committee early on, they are:


1.  Do not speculate about the identify of redacted persons. You may think you can guess, you may know, but if it is relevant to the resolution of the complaint then it would have been revealed. Whatever you think you may know do not speculate or talk about it to others.

2.  Maintain respect for those involved, whether the complainant, the subject or others involved, whether you know their identity or not - do not talk about them in insulting or disrespectful ways.