Policy Change: Dedicated Staff Sorcerer / Psionicist Slot

Started by Brokkr, October 06, 2021, 03:56:31 PM

We do not typically announce Staff policy changes that do not affect players.  In this case we have decided to, in the interest of transparency.

In addition to the 3 sorcerer and 3 psionicist slots for players, there will be a dedicated slot for Staff that can be filled by either a sorcerer or a psionicist.

Since the adoption of 3 slots for sorcerers and psionicists, Staff have been able to fill a slot if it was empty, but were expected to defer or store if there was any player interest.  The availability for Staff to play these types of characters has thus varied widely.

As Karma 3 is not a requirement of bringing people on board to be Staff by any means, there are Staff who never have had an opportunity to play a sorcerer or a psionicist before coming on Staff.  Not only do we not want to incentivize Staff to retire in order to play these roles, there is benefit in having Staff who are somewhat familiar with them.

This is a two-way street.  While it means there will be a dedicated slot for Staff, it also means that Staff will not be filling the player slots.  There will be only one sorcerer or psionicst played by all of Staff at any particular time.