Elf vs Tame + more

Started by Vex, August 11, 2018, 09:31:01 PM

How, exactly, would an elf go about taming animals?

I'm curious, in that elves can and do procure pack animals, but cannot use the RIDE skill. With ride being the sole skill responsible for taming mounts, does that by extension mean, elves have no natural affinity towards taming/training mounts and other animals for domestic uses? Would it go amiss if, say, an elf wished up, to have their class-granted ride skill, set to max, for the purposes of taming? Can the coded mount-to-tame be excused, as a necessary coded quirk, or is animal taming flat out not an option, for elves?

Something else I'm curious of, is that the new FENCE class grants Allundean as part of it's package. Do elves receive a different language, such as Mirukkim? Or, should it be accepted as a straight loss compared to, say, a dwarf who chooses the same class package?

Other class packages provide skills, like ride, charge, and the like, that are of no accessible use, to elves. Will elves receive different skills in place of these, or is playing an elf (city or desert) going to include having reduced class benefits, as a standard?

Can city elves expect, in near to distant future, a city-based clan, similar to desert elves, to provide them with an environment suited to elvish play? As of now, it is the byn, kurac or another southern clan, which I don't know qualifies as ooc sensitive or not, all of which are run by humans, for humans. The game has this, imo, very unique race, yet both variations of it have been marginalized, to be irrelevant and tucked away, or impotent, due to a heavy reliance on clan=power game design. Dwarves, half-elves, half-giants and muls all have clan options that are suitable, regardless of their character style (crime, craft, fighter, social, etcs), yet elves have virtually none of these.

Dwarves and half-elves are both generally treated as being vastly superior to elves. I exclude muls and half-giants, as they are, imo, more specialized and case-by-case roles. In clan options, in coded power, and in social options, elves, especially city elves, are most often treated as the worst. My last, and most broad question, is if staff are happy with elves as they are, compared to other non-humans?

This is quite a long list of questions, and I do apologize for this, but it's been on my mind for a time, now.
"Mortals do drown so."

Elves "can" tame an animal by mounting it just like anyone can, it's just very difficult to raise the ride skill for an elf - whether of the desert or city variety.  This is codedly kind of awkward but in the past staff has allowed (especially desert) elves to attempt to train mounts.  They absolutely should not ride them from room to room, so as I said this is awkward and from a chance-of-success standpoint vs. death from an angry inix - maybe not the greatest idea. 

From my own experience, it was more likely for desert elves to trade for mounts (read as: pack animals) with roundears, because desert elves also shun the idea of coin.

Really - it's hard to imagine a well-played city elf ever being in many situations where they'd have an opportunity or need to tame a mount.  Not to say it's impossible, just very unlikely.

Fences getting allundean - yes.  Elves do not currently get another language.  That's something worth discussing.

Elves don't get ride-oriented skills.  Again, elves don't really need these skills if they're being played right.  City elves shouldn't generally be out in the wilderness and desert elves can run like the wind, which is (in my opinion) far superior to waiting for some mount to regen moves.

Staff is certainly aware of the lack of clan options for city-elves.  Suffice to say we discuss it, and (at least I personally would) admit it's a shortcoming.  No definite plans or dates.

Dwarves (and muls/HGs) are tolerated more by players because they "fite gud."  Half-elves are tolerated better by players because they are often played as humans.  These are both byproducts of below average roleplay.  Humans should look down their nose at anyone who isn't a human, albeit for different reasons.  I would argue that muls are as restricted if not moreso than elves in clan choice though.

Speaking just of city elves because that seems to be more what you're talking about...

I think elves are awesome personally and while yes, they are limited in coded clans, there's a lot you can do to make it fun.  There have been some great examples of elves over the years (and some not so great) where these players have really impressed everyone around them.  These people have gotten kudos from both fellow players and staff.  Not to say that playing a great elf is easy but some people have really knocked it out of the park.

In terms of social options, elves are treated as the worst because they are thieves and not trustworthy.  That's how it is supposed to be.

In terms of coded power... your average elf is not going to outfight a mul - sure, but with elven agility comes great benefits in other areas.  And it ain't bad for fighting, either.