new command: necksnap

Started by Lenny Poppo, June 30, 2007, 03:14:50 AM

Necksnap to make subdue more powerful, how about it?

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I think that when you've got a character subdued you should have a chance to snap their neck instantly for the kill (if high strength like HG or mul especially). High level skill in this would also let you reverse other people's attempts - e.g. "The ebon-locked half-giant tries to snap your neck, but you twist away and snap his instead!".

syntax would be "necksnap <target>"

success echo: You twists <target>'s neck with all your might, killing him with a sickening crunch.

fail echo: You try to grab <target>'s neck but he wrestles away!

reversal against you: You try to grab <target>'s neck but he twists away, snapping your own!

Subdue needs to be MORE powerful?

Though I admit, I'm loving the idea of someone trying to practice this.
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1.  I don't support the idea, for various reasons that will be explained by more posters, I'm sure. (I'm tired, forgive me.)

2.  The real reason I posted:  I wanted to say the mere fact that there's the chance for a critical fail that leads to so fucking awesome I can't believe it.  That made me laugh, for the same reason as Cale Knight.  I want to watch people powergame it!
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Uh... what if you're not the kind of person that would go around snapping someone else's neck?  I think having a reversal on any such skill would force things on people that they might not be interested in doing.
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>necksnap amos

You try and snap the tall, muscular man's neck but fumble and snap your own!

Welcome to Armageddon!  '(mantishead)
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I just sent myself into a coughing fit, I was laughing so hard at this.

Let's make this an assassin guild starter skill for maximum powergaming effect.
Quote from: Vanth on February 13, 2008, 05:27:50 PM
I'm gonna go all Gimfalisette on you guys and lay down some numbers.

Why would anyone use this command when they could just kill you with this?
subdue thread
release thread pit

I'll go on record and say anything suggested by the OP has my full support.

Uh? Subdue is powerful enough?

>drop pants
You do not have that item.

It will be included with the new Monk class in Arm 2.0
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along with stunning fist and quivering palm

plus bird growly snake style and leaping tiger grotto styles

oh and you can unlock the five point palm killing critical strike technique if you find a space vestric
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