History - players

Started by Oxidised Lizard, September 03, 2005, 04:30:27 PM

At what point in Zalanthas's history did people start playing the game?  From which year have events in the 'History of Zalanthas' section under 'General Information' actually happened in game?
Also, who wrote the virtual history of Arm before people started playing it?

Edit:  Another related question:  From what year in the history of Zalanthas was Arm RPI not H 'n' S?

Though I'm not as old and dusty as some (say, Nessalin), I'll give this answer a try:

The first thing I remember hearing about as a player was in 1394, when Ironsword besiged Allanak. In fact, my first PCs couldn't leave the city for an IC year, since I happened to log in during the seige (not that my first PCs lived much farther than the first few rooms anyway). IIRC the Elves of Mallok, the Shadow Clan, the Doombringers, and the Twin Warlocks were actual PC/NPC clans, way early in the games history as a generic HnS Mud, with a Midgaard and Smurf Village.

So, if I were to guess, possibly as early as 1000 or 1092 on the timeline. However, it should be noted that for early stuff like that, much of the 'timeline' might not have actually ICly happened, in game, but written in later as part of the vast and complicated metaplot. In contrast, I do know for a fact that everything from 1394 on happened in game, and I got to see a bunch of it as a player, and later on the staff side.