Author Topic: Weekly Update for the 11th of July 2004 & 18th of June 2  (Read 683 times)


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Weekly Update for the 11th of July 2004 & 18th of June 2
« on: July 20, 2004, 02:11:05 PM »
We're still soliciting player histories for the staff documentation. Anything's fair game for a write-up of your character. What do you want remembered about your character? What did s/he do, and who did s/he interact with? What would other members of her/his clan remember, what stories would the grandchildren tell? Write-ups of past clans, including the slew of player-created desert elf tribes, are also quite welcome. Let us immortalize you. Send your emails to

Code Changes[/u]:
1 new script (Ammit)
Improved 8 scripts (Halaster)
Fixed archery problem with grasslands tandu (Louten)
Clan animal renting update (Nessalin)
Reduction of knock-out time, magicker update and spice update (Tenebrius)

World Changes[/u]:
Updated a few rooms in Tuluk (Ammit)
5 objects from Phyrne, 13 objects (Ashyom)
8 objects (Halaster)
2 NPCs, 1 room (Ix Machina)
1 new shop added to Tuluk (Ix Machina)
Fixed the prices on two common jewelry crafting items (Louten)
5 rooms from Naatok, 4 NPCs from Naatok, 1 object from Naatok, 6 objects sparky, 2 objects, 6 NPCs (Mekeda)
Luir's Outpost updates (Mekeda)
2 NPCs, 6 Objects and 3 NPCs from account Vox (Naiona)
1 object from Blaze, 6 objects from Jaleeza, 1 object from Phyrne, 1 object from Yang (Sanvean)
Poets Circle shop updates (Sanvean)

Document Changes[/u]:
Webpages Added:
Poet's Circle Clan Updates from Marko, Darian, Yang and JMordetsky (Sanvean)

Webpages Updated:
Wiki updates from Ammit, Ashyom and Sanvean (Sanvean) - updated (Sanvean) - typo removed (Sanvean) - helper added (Sanvean) - link added

Akasha (1), Anael (1), Ashyom (1), Bushranger (1), Caliphar (1), Crymerci (2), Delirium (3), Grimm (1), Hoodwink (2), Jaleeza (2), Jstorrie (1), Lorain (2), Kai (1), Kaltan (1), Nineveh (3), Sacac (1), Savak (3), Shikon (1), Wooster (1)

Fixers included Ammit, Ix Machina, Louten, Mekeda and Sanvean

Clan Assignments:
Allanak Templarate and Militia:,, and
Bards of Poets Circle:,,
House Borsail:, and
Desert Elves: and
The Guild: and
Haruch Kemad: and
House Kadius: and
House Kurac: and
Northern Templarate and Militia: and
House Nenyuk:, and
House Oash:,, and
House Salarr: and
Tan Muark:,, and
House Tenneshi: and
House Tor: and
T'zai Byn: and
House Winrothol: and

111 applications accepted, 87 edited, 24 rejected
There are 27361 rooms, 19149 objects, and 6691 npcs in the game.
3176 items are craftable (17%)

Special apps should be sent to