Author Topic: Social Mores of Allanaki Nobility -documentation review  (Read 6346 times)


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Social Mores of Allanaki Nobility -documentation review
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There are other establishments in Allanak, including the Bardís Barrel and the Gaj and Gladiator Tavern. While both of these are popular with the common, it is rare to see a noble frequenting either establishment

All I can say is YES!!!!  About time for that to be clearly said. When I played a noble it would have taken Tek himself to drag my noble's butt to the Barrel and even then she would have gone fighting.

As for things to help out playing a noble, there HAS to be more feedback from the imms running the clan. Yes the imms are busy. Yes the imms have a lot of players writing them and things to sort out. Yes the imms have hidden plots that nobles wont be privy to. Yes the imms want time to play and enjoy themselves also. But if you keep those 'low' nobles in complete darkness they can NOT operate properly. I am not saying to fill them in on everything. I am not saying everything needs responded to with a definite answer. I AM saying that rumors in House would fly.

"So and so looked angry the other day."

Just a rumor like that might make one 'think' that their idea didnt go over well or that the 'higher ups' were on their side in an argument or decision. The Senior might have been angry that someone spilt ink on his silks or his tea was cold. It might be a false impression but it would BE an impression.

Thats my 2 sids worth
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Social Mores of Allanaki Nobility -documentation review
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Just to add to Ayashah's statement.  I'll never forget the day my Fale noble entered the Bard's Barrel.  The very instant he was inside, his NPC guard came to life (presumably by my clan imm) and whispered to me that I had better not be seen hanging out there, since it is far too scandalous for a noble.  This is a Middle House noble we're talking about!  A Fale at that!  I think that's quite a statement regarding nobles in the Bard's Barrel.  

Anything outside the noble quarter, really, is disgusting in the eyes of nobility, I should think -- with places like the Trader's and newly implemented Rennik Arboretum existing as a retreat from the otherwise surrounding poverty.  The streets are caked in dung, the housing consists mainly of crude huts.  Have you even looked at the plaza directly outside the Bard's Barrel?  It's not even paved!  Just hardpacked earth, like the Labyrinth.

So I too wish to see the locales frequented by nobles respected across the board.  I no longer wish to see things like, senior Oash lords lounging in the Bard's Barrel regularly (to use a hypothetical example) -- that is, unless they don't mind being the laughing stock of the city.  It's really not that hard to get people to come to you and respecting this truly helps to maintain the overall concept of the contrast between abject poverty and nobility in Allanak.


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Social Mores of Allanaki Nobility -documentation review
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I'm enjoying this thread. I have nothing what so ever to add to it, though.  I'm going to add this to my favorites, just in case I ever apply for a noble.
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