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Joining the MUD - NEWBIE
« on: May 06, 2004, 01:05:25 PM »
My biggest problem is how to become a 'part' of the MUD. I know what I want my character to be, from all the help files I read, it seems to fit in with the general storyline and background of the mud, but then as I login and wander about aimlessly.  I don't know anyone, and no one knows me.  This isn't a big deal to them, but for me it means I stand around a lot, talk to the occasional NPC, before realizing they aren't a PC, and get robbed in the tavern.  What I need to know is what is the best way to become a part of the world. Joining a clan was a suggestion in the introduction, but I have no way of telling who is who, as no names are ever given. This makes finidng Clan contacts rather hard..

Any Advice?
- Xeavn

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Go to a tavern.
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Go to a tavern.

Sit at the bar.

talk (looking down ~bar) Anyone know anyone looking to hire a >insert profession< ?
(helps if there is PC's at the bar, its usually only pc's that sit there, also don't announce shady occupations like that hehe)

Someone who looks at you, is probably a PC, talk to them if your character would.

Ask people their names and who they work for. Learn which kind of cloaks mean folks work for different clans and other identifying marks.


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Joining the MUD - NEWBIE
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Go to the more populated Taverns. Eventually you will become a bit more comfortable. And there are almost always real people there to speak with.. Don't worry about finding a clan most will find you :wink: and yes, Clanhood  is a great way to start out and become aquatinted with the mud.

As to knowing who is an NPC and who is not, it can be a bit tricky at first.. and I don't think this is IC info… But most NPC's will have an "A" instead of "The" at the beginning of their name. This is not all NPC's, but most. Some do have a "the" but almost all of them are always they are doing something, unless they are soldiers.  And some PC's set their  ldesc to say something besides the default, but not many do unless it is important that they do.

But examples of an NPC:

A blue-haired, purple skinned rhino is here, crying out piteously for some coins
A white haired boy slouches against the tavern wall, his eyes following passes by conspicuously.
The old crone sits here at the side of the road drawing sketches, her fingers covered in black coal.

Examples of a PC:

The Pink Rhino is Standing here
The Pink Rhino is standing here, holding a mug of ale.
The Pink Rhino is sitting at a Black painted bar.

Hope that helps and is not too confusing..
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Joining the MUD - NEWBIE
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Check out your city's 'bulletin boards' (which are not actual bulletin boards, but abstract representations of rumours your character may have heard).  You can often find out who to get in touch with for noble or merchant house work, whether the militia is taking on new members, how to get in touch with a T'zai Byn recruiter, etc.

Try hanging out in more than one tavern.  You might have more luck finding employment as an armed thug in a tough Rinth bar than the dainty Bard's Barrel, for example.

If all else fails, try doing some work on your own, while still trying the above suggestions when you have time.  Some clans will try to recruit you if they see you doing something they might find useful.


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Joining the MUD - NEWBIE
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And don't get discouraged because some bastage kill you
The wilderness kills.
The wrong side of the city is the -wrong- side of the city.
And You will lose many PC's, so don't yell at me
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Joining the MUD - NEWBIE
« Reply #5 on: May 07, 2004, 08:21:18 AM »
First of all, welcome to Armageddon. May you soon come to appreciate and become addicted to our world.

Some quick tips:

- Get used to the mantis head on the login screen. He will soon know you better than anyone.
- Don't get discouraged with your first few characters. Arm's learning curve is very steep, and it can take some time to grasp the basics.
- It is okay to not know everything right off. Most people will take it easy on Newb's for a short time.
- Find a helper. Helpers are usually very friendly and always willing to answer a question or two.
- Learn your way about whatever town you choose to start in. Exploration is okay, but don't start killing or maiming the populace to "level up" or "gain experience."
- And lastly, don't expect your Armageddon Experience to compare with any other MUD experience you have. Armageddon is vastly different, but you'll find that for yourself.

Again I say welcome, and I hope you stay with us. Maybe I'll see you in game, but we'll never know, now will we??  :lol:
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