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Combined Weekly Update for 3/19/2004 and 3/26/2004
« on: March 28, 2004, 03:38:26 PM »
We're still soliciting player histories for the staff documentation. Anything's fair game for a write-up of your character. What do you want remembered about your character? What did s/he do, and who did s/he interact with? What would other members of her/his clan remember, what stories would the grandchildren tell? Write-ups of past clans, including the slew of player-created desert elf tribes, are also quite welcome. Let us immortalize you. Send your emails to and

Staff interviews were held on Saturday; we will be getting back to people about them by Wednesday.

We're currently #8 on TopMUDSites - thanks for voting!

Code and Scripting News:
Multiple craft code tweaks and fixes (Gilvar)
In-game boards can now be restricted by language, clan, or clan rank (Nessalin)
Script for water taxer in Allanak (Raesanos)
Script for T'zai Byn hornblower (Raesanos)
Various script updates (Raesanos)
Added new liquid type for Mekeda (Sanvean)
Additions to forage, based on idea from Urgol (Sanvean)
Slip command added. See help SLIP for details (Tiernan)
Tailors updated for new time code (Tiernan)
Changes to immortal monitor command (Tiernan)
Updates to Lirathan tmeplar skill tree (Laeris, Tiernan)
Brawl code fixed and updated (Vendyra)
Script updates (Vendyra)
New script (Zhaira)
Butcher script updated (Zhaira)
Crafting: clothworking(1), cooking (1), jewelrymaking (1), leatherworking (3),stoneworking (12) (8 from Kai, 1 from Cenghiz)

World Changes and Additions
Kadian shop updates (Ashyom)
Labyrinth updates for elvish tribes (Bhagharva)
Elvish clan updates (Bhagharva)
Desert elf updates (Bhagharva)
1 NPC, 1 room, 5 objects (Ix Machina)
Salarr merchant updates (Ix Machina)
7 objects, 17 NPCs (Laeris)
3 NPCs from Asinha, 1 NPC and 12 objects from Impska (Mekeda)
Kuraci merchant updates (Mekeda)
Rinth echoes added in some rooms from jcruise. (Nidhogg)
Echoes added to Meleth's Circle (Nidhogg)
1 object (Nidhogg)
3 object2 (Sanvean)
8 objects from Kai, 1 object from Cenghiz (Sanvean)
1 object from Razaldi (Vendyra)
Tuluk NPC maintenance (Vendyra)
Brawling code echoes from Ralin (Vendyra)
4 NPCs (Wachabe)

Documentation News:
Helpfiles added:
Webpages Updated: (updated) (3 links added) (links added)
Webpages Added:

AMoore (1), Ashyom (2), Callisto (1), Corinne (1), Cuusardo (1), Delirium (2), Grog (1), Hcwalker (1), Hoodwink (2), Kai (1), Kalden (1), Khorm (1), KyleOakson (1), Laeris (1), Lorain (2), Louten (1), Lsls (1), Mali (3), Marc (1), Mekeda (1), Myrdryn (3), Nari (2), Praetorian (2), Progeny (1), Ravyn (1), Reiloth (1), Samsara (1), ShaLeah (1), Valen (2), Wooster (3), Zhaira (1), Zwen (2)
Fixers included Ix Machina, Laeris, Raesanos, Vendyra and Sanvean

Staff and Clan News:

The Haruch Kemad has reopened- email Bhagharva and Myrixt to apply.
Kivan will be working with the Allanak Templarate.

Current Open Clan Assignments:
Allanak Templarate and Militia: and
Bards of Poets Circle:
House Borsail: and
Desert Elves: and
The Guild: and
haruch Kemad: and
House Kadius: and
House Kurac: and
Northern Templarate and Militia: and
House Nenyuk:
House Oash: and
House Salarr: and
Tan Muark:
House Tenneshi:
House Tor: and
T'zai Byn:
House Winrothol:

Special applications should be sent to

There are 27136 rooms, 18424 objects, and 6472 npcs in the game.
2948 items are craftable (16% of database)
92 applications approved, 72 edited, 21 rejected (3/19/2004)
98 applications approved, 67 edited, 14 rejected (3/26/2004)