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« on: November 03, 2002, 01:16:56 PM »
Why was my post deleted and why cant I have a reason as to why my account was banned in the first place?
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I beleave they already replied to you and asked you to check your e-mail.
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Deletion and Banning.
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You're post was likely deleted because of its angry tone and attack upon the game, the people who manage and run the game and even those from whom you wanted an answer.  It's not a very productive way to get what you want and may be your first hint at what the problem may be.

Second, the reason and details of your ban, if that is what happened, is not really the business of the public nor appropriate to discuss on this forum which is another reason why it may've been deleted and why you haven't received a posted reply here.

The Overlord, Sanvean, suggested that you may've been banned and to check your email for a letter detailing the reason.  If you haven't gotten said letter and you want to figure out what is happening, then I highly suggest you email the mud account at and ask them what may be going on with your account.  No doubt you will get the answer you seek, though you may not agree or like it.



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Also, it might help if you sent a polite e-mail to the mud, asking about it.
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