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Links for Combat and Weapons info
« on: December 20, 2003, 03:35:35 PM »
I'm basically just looking for some informative sites and databases that could be used for combat-oriented players and leaders to promote accurate and exciting RP.  What I'd like to see are links to some pages with info on weapons training, conditioning drills, and any sort of analysis/description of weapons and tactics that would be present in Zalanthas.  These would be used to kick out the traditional non-stop sparring sessions that can sometimes happen in clan training or atleast liven them up with interesting and well-informed emotes  :wink:
I'll try and find some contributions and if this goes well, maybe it can be thrown onto the Community Resources page.


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Links for Combat and Weapons info
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2003, 04:15:05 PM »
Just use common sense and your surroundings. I had a Tor character that I really wanted to see get up to sergeant or something so I could really make them military like. Actually play out drilling formations and so on. Give lessons on combat, strategy, and so on. But alas, he was killed by the noble and another Tor regular in the middle of the barracks because he got into an argument with someone. Their loss considering that I had some big plans to make the house really active and remind people why Tor was the elite military group.

Anyway, I don't know of many websites but a good thing to do is just keep things in mind. You want your soldiers in top shape. So take them running around the city. You want them disciplined and able to quickly get into fighting formation. So shout out orders for them to break and get into x line, then suddenly shout for them to go into y line, and so on. Look at the army's green beret training: they take you and put you in scenarios where you're captured. They'll interrogate you and so on. This could be a -great- tool. Once a month or so declare one of your men into that interrogation training. If you're the only sergeant, e-mail the clan imm and say that you want them to be given mock secret information from another sergeant and informed that they're in prisoner training. Then start taking them and beating the shit out of them some time. Using blunted weapons, of course. Beat them until they're unconscious and start asking them.

Another thing special forces does is take people and drop them into a wilderness situation with only a knife. They expect them to survive and navigate back. Do the same to your men, one at a time. Take them out into the wilderness (on a wagon preferably so they don't know where they're going) and drop them off. Tell them that they need to survive for at least two weeks and then make their way home. Speak with your clan imm about his beforehand, though. It'd be a pain in the ass to put a warrior into the desert with no quit spots. Maybe work something out with the MUD account where they'll temporarily make a room quitsafe for the person when they need to log out or whatever.

When I was in Tor, all we basically did was spar. I think I received one lesson and that was it, mostly because the noble felt pity for me spending about 3 days played just by myself in the training yard with my ldesc set to sparring. Emote taking out a map and setting it onto the table. Maybe of the northlands. Say that this area here is good because it has a few patrols of northern guardsman. It's left vulnerable in an attack. However, tribes of nomads wander that area. Ask if anyone knows what to do. Then explain that creating an alliance with the tribes of nomads is a wise thing to do if they want to attack. Whatever. Just make the game more realistic in the sense of war. War is more than two groups of people going and fighting.

Teach your men about the makeup of the army. Explain that wagons need to deliver supplies and that the perfect way to hurt another army is to destroy these supply lines. Emphasize guerilla warfare and anti-guerilla warefare tactics. Getting in, accomplishing the goal, and then retreating. Hell, take your men down a city block and start describing urban warfare. Ask what the best setup would be if an army attacked. If no one answers, point out breaking in the doors and getting to the second story windows to set up a few archers who could help mow the army down. Use pikemen to drive back any cavalry units that come through. Use rooftops for travel and stay off the ground.

For your more advanced soldiers, explain leadership. Teach them that morale is important and that the bane of any leader is low morale. Explain that sometimes violating rules will help you win the war. Smuggling in a case of ale to your men will make them like you more and may raise their spirits to fight. Point out the reasons why a man runs into battle: Fear that he may be called a coward, because he hates the enemy, because he wants to fight, believing that he'll be safer if he fights, or fear of a leader's wrath. Show that each soldier has different motives and how to stimulate different ones. Teach discipline and what is and isn't acceptable conduct. Explain how to gauge whether or not a bending of the rules should be disciplined or not. Just various leadership things. Show that leaders who have evenly divided up their loot help raise morale among troops.

All of this isn't anything new. It's what's been done throughout history and how troops have been trained or prepared. While most of this won't increase your skills or make you better at combat, it's going to give some of the people who play under you a great time.
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