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« on: October 24, 2002, 02:51:00 PM »
I'm playing my first magicker and I was wondering if it was normal that the char would learn the first few powers quite easily and then it kinda gets stuck and becomes a really slow process.  Is this normal? Can someone explain to me why the difference if it is something done purposefully so?

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I'm told its random. But powers go up quickly so just keep at it, and don't play to put them up because that gets boring fast (and halaster will come after you)


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Yeah... all that, and don't die. Basically its random, and you should just experiment ic'ly, after some time you'll get the hang of it. If you really think there is a bug then write to, and/or wish up. Just play to play and -don't- check 'skills' after every time you cast. I make it a rule of thumb while playing 'gickers to only type 'skills' every five real life days or so, this way im not concentrating on things I shouldn't be, it just isn't fun that way. Good luck!  :P
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What you're observing is behavior that's by design. It used to be significantly harder to gain skill in spells early on - a few years ago, this was redesigned so you started with more spells (6 instead of 4) and at higher percentages. This lets a magicker start at a reasonable level of usefulness, but also means that you will perceive a slowdown further down the line.


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Re: Comments
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Quote from: "Dan"
write to

Though I'm sure there's a default dump for the domain, the email address is
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Magickal Power
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I appreciate the code changes to the Magick System in Zalanthas.
Magickers are probably the single most difficult guild concept to roleplay well and to also excel at (from a mage point of view).
Mages and Sorcerers used to be EXTREMELY difficult to keep alive in the beginning.  Now it is not as difficult keeping a neophyte alive, although the prospect is still something which requires alot of thought and a good amount of luck!  Fortunately the changes have not diminished the difficulty of taking a neophyte into adepthood (aka bad-ass mage).
I've tried different concepts of magicker and the type I've settled on now is one that learns their craft over the slow course of years and decades, rather than in a burst of activity.  This is more realistic to me, and so far has been alot more fun to play than other magickers I've played in the past who devoted at least half their waking lives to practicing their craft.
Regarding Magickal Power from the original post:  Power levels represent the 'affective' control a mage has over his or her craft.
To avoid getting into concepts of magick which are IC in nature,
I will simply say that, with any endeavor, power comes with experience.  The more practice an athlete engages in, the more effective his or her body is in performing particular feats.  Magick in the real world is no different...if you believe in such things, as I it should be no different in Zalanthas.  At least, in my worthless opinion.   :twisted:
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