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Dwarf Focuses
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Post cool dwarf focus ideas or talk about them here.

Here's one I thought of:
* cause someone else to die by telling a pun
25 lines :)


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Re: Dwarf Focuses
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One that I always thought was funny whenever I talked about how elves (city and desert) had a distinctly different culture, in order to demonstrate the point:

*Explain dwarven culture to everyone you meet at least once.

Just because it would result in a dwarf focus that is talking about dwarven foci incessantly.
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Re: Dwarf Focuses
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Are dwarves even consciously aware of their focus?


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Re: Dwarf Focuses
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Are dwarves even consciously aware of their focus?

Almost certainly. It occupies most of their waking thoughts.


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Re: Dwarf Focuses
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From the helpful "Dwarven Role-play". Bolded some parts that stood out to me.

Dwarven Roleplay                                            (Racial Roleplay)

   If you are going to play a dwarf, make sure that his/her focus is included
in the character's background history (submitted during character creation),
and that you role-play accordingly. As a tip, do not make your character's
focus too specific. It should be something that takes years, perhaps a
lifetime, to achieve.
   Dwarves, whose origins are unknown, typically attempt to find one single
goal (called a Focus) to which they adhere, and they will never abandon that
goal for as long as they live (or until it is completed, when a dwarf feels
the need to set himself or herself to a new, more difficult task than the
last). Fear is generally not a lever one can employ with dwarves, for they
will not be shaken from their purpose, whatever it might be at the time, even
if it means their death.
   A dwarf always thinks about their focus. That is what makes them fearless -
not because they necessarily have a will of steel (although many do), and
not because of some genetic immunity to fear - but simply because they do not
stop thinking about their focus long enough to be afraid. If a horde of
raiders surround an unarmed dwarf, the dwarf will still be thinking about how
they can free the slaves (or whatever the focus is), and so this supersedes
any sort of anxiety, fear, panic, or other emotions relating to anything other
than the focus.
   In the same way, a dwarf will be considering their focus every time they
meet someone, thinking "How can this person help me or hinder me in achieving
my focus?" Exactly how cold-hearted this manipulation becomes depends entirely
on the individual nature of the dwarf - but every dwarven player should be
aware of its presence. There is no such thing as a random, useless encounter
to a dwarf. Everything fits into the scheme of the focus. And the character
should act appropriately.
   Very few dwarves are deceptive. The overwhelming nature of the dwarven
focus makes all dwarves very single-minded. Deception requires subtle thought,
lies, and trickery.
A dwarf has infinite patience and determination when it
comes to their focus. It will be difficult for a dwarf to be deceptive, due to
the subtle thought involved, but the dwarf will think and think and think
about it for seven years, and then they will know what they have to do. While
an elf will use deception as a reflex, it is something that takes immense
effort for a dwarf. If unprepared or surprised, a dwarf should not be
deceptive. But the dwarf should, by all means, spend a long time dwelling on
it - forcing their single-minded intelligence to think about being subtle -
and then acting with absolute deception.

More on the Dwarven Focus:
   The dwarven focus is a single, overwhelming goal which motivates every
thought and action in a dwarf's life. A dwarf may do things unrelated to the
focus - but it will always be at the back of their head, nagging them. A dwarf
will never do something contrary to their focus, ever. A dwarf likely does not
refer to their focus in terms of "this is my focus."
To them, it is entirely
natural; the focus is what it means to be alive.
The focus is not bothersome
or alien to the dwarf at all. Dwarves would begin thinking that all beings
are dominated by this same drive. If and when a dwarf discovers that others
do not share this focus, they will probably become alienated and possibly
acquire a distaste for all non-dwarves - although the interpretation and
extent of this alienation and distaste depends on a dwarf's individual
   Your focus should be grounded in the history and personality of your
character. Since a focus is not an alien presence that comes upon a dwarf,
but rather a natural feeling that is inseparable from them, the nature of
their focus should arise from what comes naturally to them. Also, as a
general rule, a focus should neither be impossible nor easy - but rather,
something that is possibly attainable over a long period of time if it is
worked hard upon.
The focus should be something your character is not close
to achieving - the point of it is that you have to play through the
attainment of the focus. This is a general rule and, in rare cases, foci
which are either impossible, or attainable more quickly, may be appropriate.

Focus Attained:
   Yes, as a dwarf you can achieve your focus. It will be replaced with a new
one. Keep in mind the natural way in which a dwarf deals with their focus
when going through this. It will not be as if the character is thinking,
"I have one goal under my belt, what do I do now?" To have a focus is to be
a dwarf, the focus is achieved - it is no longer thought of. Now, the mind
is turned entirely to other things. Similarly, a dwarf cannot go insane if
they have no focus - a dwarf will never have no focus, even if that focus is
finding a new one.
Given that the original focus was the overwhelming nature
of the dwarf's life, and given that a dwarf's focus arises from their natural
tendencies - it is logical to assume that the new focus will be related to
the last. And this is indeed what will happen in most cases. An extension -
more difficult - of the original focus may become the new focus. "I have
freed myself from slavery to a cruel master... now I should free the other
   If you feel it would be more appropriate, or more enjoyable yet still
appropriate, for your dwarf to have an unrelated focus - go for it! You
should pay much attention to all the things that have happened to your
character in the game, when you consider a new focus - or indeed, when you
consider anything.

Examples of a Good Focus:
* Eliminate all slaving Houses from the Known World
* Create a mercenary guild more powerful than the T'zai Byn
* Kill one of every animal species in the Known World
* Become completely fluent in sirihish, allundean, cavilish, bendune, and
* Make a million 'sids.
* Become the most famous bard in the world.
* Become the most infamous raider in the world.
* Become the personal chef of your city-state's sorceror-king.
* Turn the Labyrinth into a safe place.


* Establish your own Merchant House.
* Learn the true history of the world.
* Establish your own Bardic Circle.
* Learn to predict the weather.
* Become a noble.
* Kill a templar.
* Seduce a templar.
* Build a dwarven tribe.
* Build a dwarven village.
* Become a dwarven sorceror-king and found a dwarven city-state.
* Design and manufacture the most sought after _____ in the known world.
* Perfect the art of lovemaking.
* Parent the perfect dwarf.
* Figure out how to breed muls that aren't sterile.
* Become recognized as the world's greatest Kruth player.
* Collect one of every gemstone in existence.
* Become an honorary member of a desert elf tribe.
* Make magick legal in Tuluk.
* Make spice legal in Allanak.
* Conquer Luir's Outpost.
* Do your part to populate the world with dwarves by having 20 children.
* Insult everyone in the Known World, individually and in person.

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