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Rule changes on vernacular - Tan Muark
« on: May 07, 2020, 10:10:49 AM »
Now that enough time has passed to allow (a nice chunk!) of apps to be put forward and some speculation to be had, we'll go ahead and straight confirm that yes - The Tan Muark will once again be open for play. Given such, there's one more issue to cover regarding them.

As some of you have already touched on, the older version of the Tan Muark, unfortunately, borrowed real life slang and derogatory terms towards the Romani people. The Armageddon Staffing team does not wish to see the following words/terms used ICly or OOCly, in order to move away from seeming to endorse or condone the atrocious treatment of very real people.

1) Gypsy/Gypsies = The Tan Muark will be known as Muarki, or their old lore name which was simply 'Folk'.

Further, in order to remove the feeling the IC Muark are, in fact, akin to the RL Romani we have taken the following terms out of the game and docs.

2) Gorgio
3) Kumpania
4) Vardo

Other terms have been added to the docs of the clan that do not carry the RL weight of those above.

Naturally, we do not expect any of you to be fast friends or walk on eggshells with the Muark. By all means, distrust them or persecute them as you would any other ICly for any reason your PC would. MCB away as you ever have, simply without said terminology.

Thank you all for your understanding.
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