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Rolecall: Garrison Captain
« on: March 31, 2020, 12:46:00 PM »
We need somebody to lead the Garrison to victory in Luir's Outpost,
Somebody who can form and then manage a team of elite soldiers, tasked with the security and safety of the 'post.

Somebody who can dispense justice to any would-be wrongdoers within the bailey.
Somebody who is familiar and comfortable with combat in Zalanthas, against both NPC and PC opponents.


you should be an active player, with an ability and desire to play a leadership role.
we will expect frequent communication with staff (weekly reports)
we will need you to be independant, and able to generate your own plots without staff support
but also able to react and respond appropriately to staff interventions in those plots.
it might sound tricky, but in exchange you will be the voice of authority in the 'post, and wield the power of life or death over the residents.

please submit a rolecall request to the garrison, using the request tool.
This rolecall will end April 6th 2020, so get those apps in!

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Re: Rolecall: Garrison Captain
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crap, I forgot to mention, your character background is that of a former Nenyuk guard of high rank, who is transfering into the Garrison at the orders of the council.