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forum mafia?

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I heard people used to play mafia on here. Does that still happen? I'd be down to run a few games if it's possible for me to create private threads for mafia, masons, etc.

There have been various people that ran it in the past, so it's not just one person that enjoys it.  If you want to run it, I'm sure there will be a bunch of people that will sign up!

Will i be able to create topics and limit who can view those topics to allow various factions to communicate in private?

You can see other threads that people have done in the past:,51621.0.html,51395.0.html,51310.0.html,51070.0.html,51136.0.html,47322.0.html,47390.0.html

Hmm looks like PMs are meant to be a substitute for PTs... okay I can run with that tbh


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