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What's your top five Simpsons episodes?



My top five simpsons episodes are as follows:

A) Homer becomes head of the union to keep the dental plan
ii) Homer becomes an astronaut and goes to space
*) The episode split into 3 storylines a la Run Lola Run
4) Bart the General
5) 'a streetcar called marge'

I prefer Toadfish's solo album.

Marauder Moe:
In no particular order:
Cape Feare (Sideshow Bob wants to kill Bart, Simpsons family goes into witness protection)
The City of New York vs. Homer (Simpsons visit New York, Homer has a very bad time)
Deep Space Homer (Homer becomes an astronaut)
Two Bad Neighbors (George Bush moves in next door)
Marge vs. The Monorail

Gosh I haven't watched The Simpsons in forever. Also, there are SOOO many episodes, how can you narrow down to top five?!

Treehouse of Horror II is my all time favorite.  I couldn't pick five because it's been way too long.


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