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Rolecall: The Brown or the Black?
« on: March 16, 2020, 09:36:32 PM »
Recommended listening while you read this post:

A spray of hot blood covered Trooper Roan as a Runner from his unit wheeled and ducked
under the bone blade of the lanky gith to slash its throat. It collapsed in a heavy heap to
the hot sands of the Arena, where in the oppressive heat of the midday sun thousands cheered
for more. More blood. More death.

Behind the fallen gith another three sprang into action and, sensing the advantage slipping away
from them, they began to form a small circle with backs facing each other, sweat-stained sandals
shuffling and churning the burning sand. Seeing their other companions locked in battle a dozen
paces away, they focused on the nearest group of T’zai Byn mercenaries who were formed up in a
rough line only a few quick strides away. Scarred, bloodied, and wearing an array of leather
and chitin armor, the mercenaries advanced slowly, keeping shoulder to shoulder.

A special event had been arranged for the box of silk-clad nobles that day: a spectacle featuring
a T’zai Byn unit from the Steel Arm Warband, and a particularly seasoned unit of the Steel Talons.
The goal was to dispatch a sizeable gith force, part of which had recently been captured by the efforts
of the ambitious Lord Sylian Borsail and an employed unit of the Steel Arm Warband, part of which
was now yelling shrill war cries into the hazy air of the Arena and driving weapons into the chests
and throats of the very same captured gith.

During the encounter, a Steel Talons unit – the very unit which now was advancing with locked
shields and a steady, purposeful march on a much larger group of gith than themselves – had
been instrumental in dispatching a foray of raiders. The soldiers were ruthless, easily able to clear
the route from the Shield Wall back to Allanak for their T’zai Byn companions, who at the time were
transporting a half-dozen wagons stuffed with gith.

The Sergeants of both units, celebrating their respective victories with a decent Oashi vintage,
were cheering their units on from the rafters of the Arena and discussing strategy. There was no
need for them to fight, after all, knowing that this particular spectacle was a simple setup to
slaughter the gith.

“See, this is what I mean,” Sergeant Brack of the T’zai Byn said to his companion, taking a
swig of wine. “Your lot are just fucking locked behind shields, immobile, and exposed from the
rear,” he delivered with a bark, throwing an arm in the air.

His counterpart, Sergeant Ralter of the Arm of the Dragon, scoffed and shook his head slowly,
composing himself before offering a retort. “They’re trained soldiers, Brack. Disciplined and
methodical. And yeah, they ain’t as mobile in the armor we’ve given them, but they’re a solid
fuckin’ wall on foot, and just as effective on a bug.”

Just at that moment a pair of tribal T’zai Byn Runners broke rank and charged three gith,
attempting to take them by surprise. Their loud jeers, startling the gith, gave them ample time to
twist, duck, and slash out at one of the Runners, the blade cutting clean through the soft flesh
and muscle.

The Steel Talons Officer laughed and shook his head at the sight of the tribals. “And as if that’s a
fuckin’ asset. Crazies who can’t control themselves just throwing their bodies into battle with no
regard for control, or their fellows.”

“Well they’re fucking Runners!” Brack’s jaw and fist clenched, knowing the stupidity of the wild
mercenaries, one of which was now quickly being rescued by a dwarven counterpart and his
trident. “We may not have the discipline yours do, but we sure as fuck have the balls. Tell me
right now that you would have anyone else backing you up when you march out those gates,
knowing how fucking fierce mine are.”

Ralter laughed. “Yeah, fine, I’ll give you that. You’re a bunch of crazy fucks.” He inhaled sharply
as a gith blade caught the top of one of his Private’s shield. The Private, almost instantly, ripped
his shield away with such force that it pulled the gith’s blade away with it, and he took that
opportunity to thrust his short stabbing sword into the ribs of the leathery-skinned foe. It
wasn’t long before blood gargled from its cracked lips and it fell to its knees, then to its side.

“Yeah, some of us can be, uh, overzealous, fine. But we’re not untrained savages. I make
sure they’re trained to a tight fucking schedule. Do what we can to drill the savage out.”

“Fuckin’ night an’ day from how mine are trained, friend. See zealousy’s a good thing, but ya
gotta fuckin’ channel it. Recruits, Privates of His Arm, they’re driven to fucking serve Him.
Only Him. There’s purpose to their life. More purpose than just fuckin’ money, anyway.”
Ralter grinned at his friend then finished his mug in two deep gulps.

“Don’t underestimate the importance of money and what it can do to a man’s ambitions, Ralter.
That’d be a serious miscalculation on your part.”

The gith’s numbers dwindled after several more skirmishes, narrowed down to only a sparse
and ragged collection of five or six. They were now circled and surrounded in the center of
the Arena sands, their faces pulled into uncertain sneers. As the crowds cheers, two
distinctly different groups began to form up to finish the job. On one side an array of
mercenaries - rag-tag humans, elves, half-elves, and dwarves - clad in cloaks the same brown
as shit, and on the other a column of stoic, ruthless soldiers clad in cloaks black as night.

So, which will it be?

We're looking for:
1 x Arm of the Dragon Sergeant
1 x T'zai Byn Sergeant

Being a T'zai Byn Sergeant can be a demanding role given the amount of people you could possibly be managing, and depending on how many contracts you can snag. You'll also be expected to show newbies the ropes from time to time. You'll be looking after a rough-shod mercenary unit tasked with making as much money as it can - there's adventure, intrigue, and probably (definitely) death. You might be one of two Sergeants active PC Sergeants at any point in time. We're ideally looking for a human Sergeant, but may entertain other races if there's a solid concept.

Being an Arm of the Dragon Sergeant will require a good deal of political intrigue and regular interaction with Templars and nobility. You'll be leading a unit of elite Allanaki soldiers with the task of patrolling, hunting down criminals or raiders, and "tax-collecting". Perhaps you're dirty and corrupt, or maybe you want to clean up Allanak for good and do things by the book. You decide!

If you're interested in these roles, please consider the following:
  • We will need someone who is active, and has strong playtimes. This doesn't have to be at peak times, but we do expect you to be around at least once a day.
  • Leadership experience is not necessarily required, but will be a plus (especially for the AoD position).
  • Ideally you have experience playing in either of these clans before (especially for the AoD position).
  • You will need to send in regular, informative reports.
  • Knowledge of sponsored roles is a plus. See here for more information.
  • We need someone who is willing to be proactive, go out, and do things. Be imaginative!

What we Need From You:
  • A name for your character.
  • A description for your character. (Can be edited later)
  • A background for your character.
  • How you can see yourself handling the above qualifications.
  • Common playtimes.
  • Any plots, plans, or ideas you might have for the role.

Please use the "Role Application" option in the Request Tool, and select the corresponding clan in the dropdown.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: March 23 2020 at 11:59pm Server!


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Re: Rolecall: The Brown or the Black?
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2020, 02:47:45 AM »
This time next week you could be:

1. Leading a unit of roughshod mercenaries, drinking heavily, rubbing shoulders with nobles and merchants, and getting Runners lost in storms!
2. Training an elite soldier unit, scheming with templars, running an interrogation, or chasing slippery elves over roofs with your team!

Only a few more days left to get those applications in folks.


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Re: Rolecall: The Brown or the Black?
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2020, 12:19:04 AM »
This is now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied - we'll be reaching out soon.


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Re: Rolecall: The Brown or the Black?
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2020, 10:55:49 AM »
We're looking for someone to once again fill the role of Sergeant of the T'zai Byn and lead a unit of their own in the Havoc Warband under Lieutenant Vysax.

Typical back stories for those apping in for this position could be transfers from other warbands, or they could be Troopers stepping up to fill the spot of a fallen Sergeant. It's encouraged to share that story one way or another in this application.

Please read and follow the original post as selections will be made based on that criteria.

This is a relatively short rolecall, and I'll accept applications up until 11:59pm (server) Tuesday 20th October so do make best use of the weekend to get those concepts in!