Author Topic: Should Arm's stat rolls go from random to an alternative?  (Read 3287 times)


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Re: Should Arm's stat rolls go from random to point buy?
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It does feel like the words that represent the stats are close to meaningless. Considering how many accounts likely suicide and store to self-select their stats, I wonder what the "average" strength of a character on Armageddon actually is. I don't think it's a number that would coincide with "average."

Many roll playing games set player characters to above average stats. I'd dare say it's the norm. The average is meant to represent how you compare to the NPCs of the world, and not how you compare to each other. In vampire the masquerade the average stat is explicitly 2, but it is impossible to play a character with that as their average. Dungeon's and Dragons (the game that this was originally based on) offers up a point buy system that would make having average stats entirely impossible without throwing away points.

I suspect that the descriptors are meant to compare characters to the larger world and not other player characters. If you assume a normal distribution of stats, "good" is the midpoint for player characters.

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