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The top of the ladder, and the bottom.
« on: December 29, 2019, 05:14:00 PM »
It is late morning on Barani, the 175th day of the Low Sun,
In the Year of Silt's Anger, year 64 of the 22nd Age.

The Main Room of the Red's Retreat

A tall, amber-eyed woman serves drinks from behind a boxy wooden bar.
The small, dark-haired man sits drinking at a table in the corner.

the pale, lushly-curved young woman (Janurvaye Jal) and the ruddy-blond, moon-faced young man (Temberdan Borsail) are seated at a broad table of scarred agafari wood.

The following conversation can be overheard:
Temberdan (waggling some fingers in the air as he speaks) It's quite simple really.  My house is superior to any other in the history of the Known.  It is no wonder we are so beloved by the people!

Janurvaye (with a sigh and a nod) Yes, we know, Lord Borsail.  Quite impressive.

Temberdan (leaning an elbow on the table and continuing on in a lecturing tone) And furthermore, my dear Lady Jal, my house does more for the common folk of His City than any other house!  Imagine where His City would be without our slaves, for example.

*Janurvaye thinks* What a pompous ass, seriously.

Temberdan (carrying on, relentless) Why, just the other week, I personally sponsored a battle within the Arena, of five of my own handpicked slaves against a bevy of captured criminals.  And I'm sure you remember who won...

Janurvaye (rolling her eyes) Yes, Lord Borsail, of course I remember.

Temberdan (turning his condescending gaze directly at the noble lady) And, may I just say, Lady Jal, that your own house is particularly revolting!  hardly a noble house at all, as far as I'm concerned.  I swear I can smell the odor of the latrines on you, even now...

Janurvaye (keeping her face calm) Yes, Lord Borsail, the smell is unfortunate.


It is early afternoon on Detal, the 176th day of the Low Sun,
In the Year of Silt's Anger, year 64 of the 22nd Age.

In a Dark Underground Access Chamber

The pale, lushly-curved young woman (Janurvaye Jal) is standing here.
The leathery, broad-shouldered man (Foreman Kavici) is standing here.

The following can be heard:
Janurvaye (eyeing a convoluted network of ancient ceramic pipes lining one of the walls) So these are the pipes that lead to the Borsail latrine, right?

Kavici (with a throaty chuckle) Aye, my Lady, thems the ones.  Shall I?

Janurvaye (gesturing at a particular valve in the wall) Yes, Foreman.  Shut it down.  Let's see how the greatest house in His City enjoys living in their own filth.


We are looking for 4 new nobles!

2 new House Borsail, and 2 from the newly opening, previously virtual House Jal!

Borsail, the highest in status amongst the noble houses, and Jal the lowest.

Please submit all applications as role applications to HOUSE NENYUK (this will help us in sorting them from other requests)

You may apply for either or both houses. 

we expect competition to be fierce, so make your apps nice and shiny!  spellcheck is a plus.

application deadline is 7 days from this posting.


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Re: The top of the ladder, and the bottom.
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We've still got lots of time to get those apps turned in!  lots of fun things in store for all these roles.  hit it up!


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Re: The top of the ladder, and the bottom.
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Because there were some questions from players, we want to clarify that this post was 100% hypothetical story-telling and didn't happen in-game. Keep in mind as well that the situation reflected here would have repercussions not shown in the original post.