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Imam August "Lamp" Reese

I like to play now and again with the "Play Now!" option, which generates a completely random character and starting scenario.  This time, it generated an Imam named August "Lamp" Reese, with garbage stats.  He had found a book (part of the Magiclysm mod) that had him questioning his faith, but it turns out that book is one that teaches spells related to the divine.  So healing and blessings, basically.

He's a stylish Imam, with high adrenaline and some combat training, but the frail trait.  Should be an interesting run.

He started at the top floor of an apartment complex, right in the middle of autumn.  That leaves 45 days before the horrible, horrible winter.  Some quick exploration revealed the town of Paxton is overrun with zombies (3x spawn and wander spawns).  However, nearby is a large apartment complex with some survivors, and an abandoned property with a trader.


  • 1. Clear Paxton of the living dead.
  • 2. Bury all of the bodies in coffins (August is a man of God, afterall).
  • 3. Forge or find a full set of plate armor, a weapon, and a horse, and go on a crusade against the evil that took the world.
     Try and kill one of every type of monster.

Turns out the first goal was easier than I thought.  Having some natural skill with people, August was able to gather a posse of refugees (and a Mossburg shotgun), and was thus able to pretty easily clean up the city.

Since we've got a posse, I started a faction camp on the north-east side (Camp Paxton).  Hopefully we can get a camp up and running so that we have all the wood we need to produce coffins.

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