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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalype - Season of Terror
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DAY 16:
Being sick fucking sucks.

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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalype - Season of Terror
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DAY 17:
The funerary chapel was illuminated by multi-colored beams of light shining through the stained glass windows.  Blitz crept through, stepping lightly as she always tried in unfamiliar territory.

"You there.  Quiet down.  Can you hear it?  The song?" said a woman's voice.  Blitz nearly shit herself.  It had been over two weeks since she heard another human being speak.

"What?  What do you mean?  What song?" Blitz her herself reply, shocked back into normal human conversations like the apocalypse had never happened.

"Listen carefully.  The bones... they sing.  Can you hear it?  The song they weave?  The stories they hold?" said the woman, who Blitz could now make out in the dim chapel.  Like herself, the woman was dressed haphazardly with protective clothing and strapped with supplies and tools.  She carried a medieval-looking spiked flail.

A chill ran down Blitz's spine that had nothing to do with faulty implants.  Part of her wanted to run, was more frightened of this flesh and blood woman than the infected corpses shambling around outside.  Another part, though, was starved for human conversation.  That part of her replied "What?  Singing bones?  What are you talking about?"

The survivor explained, "When it all happened, the cataclysm, something... changed.  You can see it in all creatures, but most of all their bones.  They break, morph, rise again, in an infinite cycle.  Living dead walk.  Monsters rip and tear each other apart.  You can see the resonance, the quiet hum of raw strength, and only by taking the bones does this cycle end - their story, their song, their strength, become yours to use."

"So what do you actually do with the bones?" Blitz asked, continuing the surreal conversation.

"The song can be weaved in many forms.  Carved bone charms, weapons and armor all hold immense power, and when the time comes, me and my kindred shall gather a great amount of song and sing it to restore this world.  Restore it, or end it.  Makes no difference."

"End the world?  What?"

We believe that enough power in one song could revert the Cataclysm - or accelerate it to a time beyond all, ending it all the same.  But with the world looking as is, both options are preferable."

"You're fucking nuts."

"Your skepticism does not surprise me.  Perhaps one day, you too will hear the inevitability of the song, feel its power.  But until then, you will remain an Acolyte, path to the Kindred closed."

"Yeah, alright."

"Acolyte." the woman called her, with some finality.  Thoroughly unnerved, Blitz retreated from the chapel, back into the gloomy morning rain.

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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalype - Season of Terror
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DAY 20:
It was time for Blitz to face the fact that her body was deteriorating.  She was sick, again, and suspected a broken implant was fucking her up somehow.

She retrieved the First Responder's Handbook from her bookshelf; a text that had seemed previously incomprehensible to her.  She curled up in her reading spot next to the window in the upstairs hallway with snacks (pine nut and cattail bread sandwich, a recent favorite) and then steeled herself.  She would study like her life depended on it, because it was starting to look like it did.

Even though she was waking up in the middle of the night, Blitz felt better.  The latest cold had broken.  She learned, from her medical book, that she was likely immune system compromised due to a bionic system leaking fluids and nano-particles into her blood.  She cursed her mechanic's name.

She couldn't wait.  She had to get this glitchy cheap-ass import mod shit out of her body.  She gathered up a bunch of medical supplies and walked to her mechanic's house, down into the basement, into the back room, and through the hidden door to the closet where he kept his illicit autodoc setup.

While laying out her medical stash, Blitz eyed the small bag of methamphetamine she'd taken from a nearby drug-lab RV.  She knew this stuff was bad, but she also knew she might need something to help her to remain focused while encoding the procedure.  She snorted a small amount of the powder.  "OH FUCK that's... whew!"

After waiting a few minutes for the drug to settle in, she pulled the console towards herself and got to work.  The autodoc systems engaged her sensory dulling implant and activated it.  The surgical implements extended and everything went dark....

...*BEEP BEEP BEEP* sounded as the autodoc retracted.  Error messages flashed across the console.  Blitz looked down to see a still-bleeding gash in her side.  Nothing hurt, her implant was still blocking the pain, but she knew it was bad.  With practiced calm, however, Blitz closed and dressed the incision.  It was far cleaner than bite wounds she had received.  Once that was done, another check of the autodoc terminal confirmed what she had feared: the faulty bionic was still in place.  "Shit.  Fucking junk..." she cursed.

Blitz took a slow walk back to the farmhouse to rest and recover.

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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalype - Season of Terror
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DAY 27:
Blitz felt a relief like never before.  Not only had she successfully used the autodoc to remove the leaky implant, she managed to removed that fucking itchy metal thing in her torso as well!  No more scratching her tits off in the middle of the night, and hopefully no more spending half of the apocalypse in bed with a cold either!  There were still more broken bits left inside her to remove, but they were things she could live with for a while longer until she better understood how to operate the medical machine.

On the way out of her mechanic's house she grabbed a celebratory beer from his fridge and downed it.  Without a care in the world, Blitz sauntered brazenly down the street in broad daylight, back towards home.

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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalype - Season of Terror
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Thew newly-invigorated Blitz went on a gleeful rampage.  She practically danced into town, felling infected left and right with precise twirls of her custom-made quarterstaff.  She had gotten so far, in fact, that she took a break to stash her loot in a nearby car trunk instead of walk it all the way back home.

Her goal: grocery shopping!  While she was actually low on food again, what she wanted most was a good old shopping cart just to help move shit around.

She clear a path right up to the back of the store.  Shit.  No back entrance.  Isn't that a fire code violation?  She crept around the side towards the street.  Blitz peeked around the corner and...

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!  Blitz almost shouted.  It was... an ant?  Except where most ants are tiny, this one was big.  What the hell?!  There was another one a bit further down the street, chewing on a car tire.  Just when she thought she had figured out the apocalypse, it throws a curve-ball.

She waited a while to see if it would wander off.  It didn't.  She stepped just around the corner to see what it would do.  It... seemed uninterested in her.  Sweet?  Blitz bashed in the nearby grocery store window and waited again.  No reaction from the ants, and fortunately no infected attention either.  She stepped inside.

How did that old-ass musical go?  Food, glorious food!  Blitz grabbed a cart and went shopping.  Chips, noodles, oh fuck yes!  Marshmallows!  All went into her cart.  She spree didn't end at the store, though.  Blitz went from house to house grabbing all the heavy piles of leather, books, and other goodies that weren't quite important enough to haul back by hand.

Shopping carts are fucking awesome!

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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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DAY 29 - Ogunquit:
Blitz was getting frustrated.  Her attempts at cobbling together more advanced survival gear were stymied by lack of one key tool: a hacksaw for metal cutting.  She'd found none in neighborhood houses, and there were no hardware stores in sight of even her most daring trips into town.  So, she decided to get out of town for a bit.  From maps, she knew there was a nearby community called 'Ogunquit'.  She gathered up a few supplies and get shopping card and headed down the road.

Midway there, she heard a voice from the treeline.  She looked, but all she saw was... a pink creature running towards her, tentacles waving wildly in the air?  "THE FUCK?!"

The creature screamed back at her unintelligibly.  She readied a swing with her recently-acquired battle axe and hit it fully in the center of mass.  The thing shrieked, presumably in pain, and whipped back with its appendages.  A few more strikes with the medieval weapon and the creature was sent scurrying back towards the forest, still screeching inhumanly.

"Fuck the cataclysm," Blitz said, remembering the term crazy-bone-lady had used for the state of the world.  Still, she wasn't badly injured, so she continued on to Ogunquit.

The community was indeed small, just four houses.  An RV parked near one of them seemed to be on, exhaust spewing from the tailpipe.  Was someone else here scavenging?  Or trying to escape?  It didn't matter.  Blitz watched from a distance as the infected absolutely swarmed the vehicle and started tearing it apart.  Someone's misfortune was her gain, however, and as the dead were distracted she managed to thoroughly loot three of the houses.  One of them even had a pretty sweet motorcycle parked in the garage that seemed fully functional.  She might have to come back for it someday.

On the way out of town Blitz spotted a weird-looking hill.  Upon closer inspection, it was actually some sort of bunker.  She parked the shopping cart outside and opened it up.  A stairway led down into darkness.  It hadn't seemed well-maintained.  There were accommodations for maybe one family and a few supplies, but nothing amazing.  Blitz grabbed her cart and left the shelter, and Oqunquit, behind.

On the way back, Blitz explored a side-road.  Turns out it was a farm.  Like, a real farm with crops, not the fancy horse-farm she lived on.  Farmers have tools, right?  Unfortunately, there was a group of infected outside the barn.  Blitz waited a minute and to her fortune, they ran off chasing a deer!  She crept along the side of the barn to the entrance.  She opened a service door and... OH FUCK!  It was FULL of fucking infected psychos!  Blitz started to run, but then she had a vicious thought.  She stopped, pulled out a lighter, and set the side of the barn on fire.  THEN she ran.  Fuck those guys.

She watched from what she thought was a safe distance.  At first, the fire was disappointingly slow to spread. Then, WHOOSH!  It seemed like the whole thing went up at once.  It felt pretty good watching the thing burn down.  Then, while the dead were busy being incinerated, Blitz went around to the back of the property and looted the farmhouse.  She was rewarded with a still AND a food dehydrator!

The sun was setting as Blitz wheeled her cart back into Stoneham and back to her house.


The hacksaw, the only tool with metal sawing property, gates a LOT of the game's technology tree.  It can be made but you pretty much have to go all the way up the blacksmithing tech, and you also need clay to even make the anvil, which I don't have access too.  Very annoying.

Meanwhile, bonus pics!

Blitz's messy house:

Blitz's neighborhood:

(Today's trip reset the local "fog of war".  Everything here has been thoroughly explored.)

The town:


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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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Your world has some interesting town names  ;D

How did I not see the Blitz art until now? That's awesome!

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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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DAY 32:
Blitz could see for miles.  She could see her farmhouse at one end of Stoneham.  She could see the football stadium at the other end.  She could see Ogunquit.  She could even see Crazy Bone Lady in her creepy cemetery hideout.  She could also see how fucked this city was, because midtown, with all the shops, was SWARMING with infected.

She lowered her binoculars and sighed.  The roof of the apartment tower was peaceful.  Even though she could see all the troubles surrounding her, everything seemed so tiny and harmless from way up high.

The problem kept her up thinking late into the night.  There would be no looting the center of town.  She wasn't even sure it was safe to be living that close to that many infected.  What if she had to resort to gunfire?  Would the whole town start shuffling her way?

She could move to the farm where she set the barn on fire.  Was that far enough?  Should she move to that shelter near Ogunquit?  The idea of living in that dank and dusty hole made her skin crawl, practical as it was.

In any case, there were more immediate steps she could take.  Firstly, make a bug-out bag.  Fill it with food and medicine, stash it near her mechanic's house.  Second, traps.  She'd actually found more than a few infected that had gotten themselves sliced up by broken windows in the neighborhood.  If she came up with something more potent, it might at least buy her time and be an early warning in the case the horde came for her.

Lastly, and more long-term, Blitz would need a vehicle.  Fortunately, she had one in mind...

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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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DAY 36:
*HRMRMRMRMRMRMRMRMRM HRMRMRMRMRM skreeeeee K-CHAAAA HRMRMRmrmrmrmrm-kflop.... tink... tink tink.... tink....*

The armored robot carrier came to a stop outside the farmhouse.  It rolled on 8 wheels and had large hatches on both sides that exposed recharging brackets for various sorts of autonomous combat drones, though the drones themselves where nowhere to be found.  There was also a machine gun mounted offset atop the angled composite hull.  Blitz hopped out the rear hatchway, set between two large fuel tanks.

Blitz ran to the next door apartment building and climbed to the roof.  She needed to see if the noise from her little road trip attracted any attention.  She doubted it, given than all her recent hammering to set up traps and a repair her fence with home-made barbed wide had gone unnoticed, but it was worth being sure.  Indeed, the crowds all seemed to stay loitering in midtown.

Back at her house, Blitz walked around the vehicle to inspect it.  There was a lot of patching-up to be done, and modifications to make it livable.  Another problem was fuel; the carrier was almost empty, and it ran off diesel rather than regular gasoline.  She would have to check her books to see if there was a way to change that.

Still, she was proud that she'd acquired the toughest, meanest, most bad-ass vehicle in the neighborhood.  Before long she'd be cruising the cataclysm in style.


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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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.. that does sound like an epically badass vehicle. Go Blitz!
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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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The spaghetti was boiling.  The home-made pesto sauce with fresh wild herbs smelled AMAZING.  After a hard day of salvaging car parts, all Blitz wanted was a-

*SMASH* "Hrrrrmaaaaargh!"  The tough-looking infected dragged itself through the kitchen window.

"MOTHER FUCKER!" Blitz shouted.  She grabbed her staff, the ends now wrapped in a layer of heavy steel, and bashed the creature's head in.  Then she went out the kitchen door, around to the outside of the window, to pull on the creature's feet.  "NOT.  AT.  DINNER.  TIME." she grumbled as she extracted the intruder from her house.

She managed to get back inside before the pasta was over-done.  It was delicious.

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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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Day 43:
Blitz had spent all afternoon in the autodoc.  Having brushed up on her anatomy with a more advanced textbook, she felt confident enough to rid herself of the rest of the defective gear.  Most of it was in a bloody pile in the corner of her mechanic's secret underground laboratory.

There was one piece left, however.  The autodoc's blades moved closer and closer to Blitz's eyeballs.  Mercifully, moments before contact, the machine sent a command to her sensory dulling implant to render her unconscious...

Blitz woke up in darkness.  OH SHIT!  She couldn't see!  How the fuck would she survive in the apocalypse while BLIND?!  Stupid stupid stupid, trying to remove her malfunctioning optical implants was a mistake!  She might as well kill herself now...

A blinking green light caught her attention.  "Operation Complete!" said the readout on the terminal.  Oh, right.  She was in a dark basement, where the autodoc was kept.

Not only could Blitz still see, but she was now free of defective implants.  She felt clean.  She felt healthy.  She felt... plain.  All that was left were her power systems, sensory dulling implant, and internal climate control.  She was little more than a walking electric blanket!

Stalking out of the laboratory, she saw the cyborg monstrosity she'd beaten to death her first day here slumped in a corner where she'd left it.  She grabbed it by a pair of appendages and hauled it across the floor, up the stairs, and into the kitchen.  Her tools were nearby in her cart.  She set to work pulling the thing apart piece by piece.  Sadly, nothing she extracted from the creature seemed to qualify as an "implant" fit for a human body.

She slumped against the wall.  She would have to settle for human capabilities and human limits a while longer.  Though at least now she knew better than to trust shady mechanics.  She could vet technology herself and install it herself.  Maybe, one day, even build it herself.  The world was hers for the taking now, after all.  Money was meaningless; if you wanted something, all you had to do was claim it from the hordes of the dead.  She could do that.

Blitz piled the cyborg's components, including what she suspected was some sort of tiny nuclear reactor, into her cart and pushed it towards home.


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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Adventures of Arica
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I'm supposed to be writing on a novel but what can I say, Moe inspired me.

DAY 1:
Arica Dominiguez woke up in the hospital.  At first, she couldn't remember why she was there.  Then she remembered the diagnosis of cancer, the implantation of the repair nanobots and the blood filter analysis, the leukocyte breeder system that was supposed to keep her immune system up and running.  The thought that hopefully her insurance was going to pay for it flashed through her groggy mind.
There was pounding on the door that woke her up a little more.  Her roomate was babbling something about the walking dead.  Before she was really awake, the roommate had run over to the door and opened it, only to be grabbed by the, what were they, zombies?  Frantic, Arica smashed her closed fists against a chair until a chair leg came off.  Armed with the plank, she opened the other door, barely scraped past one of the clawing corpses, and ran the other way down the hallway, leaving her former roomate to scream as they closed in.

It was his own damn fault, she decided.  The idiot shouldn't have opened the door.  Anyway, there was nothing she could do for him, and he was making a very fine distraction.  After slamming open several doors (and slamming some closed again, since these zombie things were everywhere) she stumbled out into the road.  The hospital was on the edge of a forest, and there were dead in the streets.  Arica ran for the woods.
After dragging herself panting through the brush and avoiding something that looked suspiciously like a moose fighting zombies, Arica came out the other side into a field.  She could see a long road cutting across her path, and was that a house?
It was.  It turned out to be a ramshackle little house with a wooden fence and a beagle in the yard.  Arica blinked at it a couple of times and made for it, but then caution got the best of her.  She walked slowly around the perimeter, peeking around the corners, just to make sure the coast was clear, but there were no dead in sight.  Caution satisfied, Arica mounted the porch.
The door was unlocked.  Arica ran around the house, slamming closed the curtains.  Though those zombies looked dead, they seemed to have decent enough vision, and she didn't want one breaking into her new sanctuary before she had time to take an inventory and prepare.

It was cold.  Arica was wearing was a t-shirt, which had gotten a little torn in the scuffle on her way out of her hospital room, some jeans, and her sneakers.  She could really use something warmer.  Maybe there was a sweater in a bedroom or something.

In the kitchen, Arica found a tin of canned chicken, a lighter, an mp3 player, some condoms, and a few bottles of soy sauce.  Canned chicken was nasty, but it should get her through the morning, especially if she liberally slathered it on the bread she found in the pantry.  What she really wanted was some sort of bag in case she had to run for it, even a hoodie would do.  But it turned out that the only thing in the house was a ratty old sweater that didn't fit properly.  She pulled it on anyway because what else could she do?  Dropping her cell phone on the counter, she went to take stock of the house.
In the pantry, Arica found a knife to par down her rough chair leg into a proper cudgel.  With a knife and a lighter, she was pretty sure she wouldn't die if she had to make a run for it, unless those things cornered her.

The rest of the house had more food, but no clothing or anything that would help her with organizing things into a decent place to hole up until the craziness passed.  Arica had to tear down a set of curtains from one of the windows to use the drapes as a makeshift carrying device just to move things around in the house.  It was fine, she told herself, she had planned to board up most of the windows anyway.  Those damned dead were roaming the woods in singlets and pairs.  She saw them every now and then when she cracked the door.
Arica wasn't super proud of the next couple hours.  She broke a lot of the things around the house with a hammer she made out of a rock to make some basic tools, including a screwdriver.  Armed with the hammer and screwdriver, she started disassembling furniture to board up the windows, including the one without curtains that stared at her like an empty eye.  It was all fine, she told herself, the family probably wasn't coming back here.  There were more than enough bookshelves to push against the windows in one of the bedrooms, that ought to slow down any dead.  And lots of reading material that she moved into a bookcase near an armchair by one of the windows she didn't intend to cover over.

All the work left her hungry and thirsty.  At least she had found a tin cup in one of the cupboards, she took that out to a puddle in the bag, dug a little pit, shredded one of the rags into it, and lit one of the planks on fire.  The lighter didn't seem to have much fuel in it, which worried Arica.  Digging in the shrubs around the house led her to a couple plastic bottles, which she carefully filled with water, as well as a newspaper.  Something about drugs?  Could this have been caused by drugs?  The newspaper went to feed the fire.
After the fire went out, it was too dark to see.  Arica retreated into the freshly barricaded bedroom and tossed fitfully until she could sleep.

DAY 2:
Oh shit, there were two of those undeads outside her house.  They had killed the beagel in the yard, poor thing.  Arica watched them through the window for a moment until they started coming toward her.  Arica wondered if she could lead them to her burn pit.  It was steep-sided enough that maybe they would have trouble getting up the sides.  Shoot, maybe she should have lit a fire in it before peeking through the windows.

Tomorrow.  If there was a tomorrow.  Arica slammed the window open, readied her cudgel, and jumped out into the yard to meet them.
The zombies had broken through the fence.  Arica dispatched them while they were caught in the rails.  There were only two of them, and they were too slow to catch Arica as she ran around whacking them in the head and shoulders with her trusty chair-leg cudgel.  Searching the bodies was an experience, but at least she turned up another matchbook.  She tipped the bodies into her burn pit, clothes and all.
Then Arica went back into the house for her digging stick and dug a pit right there by the breach in the fence.  She would be ready next time.

The unfortunate beagle was delicious.  Turned out a person could eat anything while hungry.

With the house decently set, Arica went off up the road on foot.  Farther up the road there was another rural house, this one with a large yard out front that had some vegetables.  Arica vacilated between eating them straight away, or turning them into the seeds in the hope of making her own yard.  In the end, she decided it would depend on what other food she found.

On the second return to the rural house, she found someone's body in the back yard on some sort of path through the woods.  It was in a very sad state.  She wanted to cobble together a burial container of some sort and bury them, then she thought of the body bag back home.  Maybe she could fashion a shovel, somehow.  But in the mean time, she stripped them down to their underwear and only felt a little bad about it.  Clean clothes were hard to come by.

The fridge and pantry in the rural house had only vinegar, vegetable oil, and a few sad cookies in the bottom of a cardboard box.  No wonder the unfortunate person had wandered out into the woods.  They were probably killed by the cougar up the way.  Arica decided to make the best of the circumstances by unscrewing the sides of the stove and pounding one of them into a makeshift pot, though she had no intent to let the tin cup leave her pockets.  Hoisting another side of the stove, Arica kicked the gallon jugs of vegetable oil along down the road.  It took time, but she didn't want to make a third trip.

By midafternoon, Arica was back to digging through the shrubs in the nearby forest looking for wild edibles.  She found a newspaper said that a foreign attack had taken place, and that seemed just as dubious as the previous newspaper article about drugs.  The bird eggs in a bush were a more welcome find.  Scrambled eggs and canned chicken made for a better dinner than the beagle had made for a lunch, and Arica sacrificed one of the jugs of vegetable oil to retrieve some water from the puddle.  After hammering another side of the former neighbor's oven into a brazier, Arica had a pretty decent little stove to set out on her front porch.

When dark started falling, Arica ran around closing up all the blinds before retreating into her darkened bedroom sanctuary.
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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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Woohoo!  More stories!

The armored robot carrier, or more accurately now the Armored Cyborg Carrier, was ready for a test drive.  Blitz had repaired most of the vehicle's frame and systems, though the military composite armor was still beyond her skill to mend.  About half of the interior was renovated for a living space, but there was still a lot of work left in that regard.  Using a lifting cart she had to build herself, she was able to extract the vehicle's diesel engine and replace it with an eco-friendly electric motor taken from a solar van.  The roof of the carrier was, of course, now covered in two rows of solar panels.  It had a whopping five storage batteries, which Blitz figured would be more than enough to get where she might want to go.  That's what today's drive was for, though, to test that.

She had two destinations in mind.  First, a nearby radio tower.  While she had visited it before, she hadn't climbed it.  This time she wanted to take her binoculars up there and get a good lay of the land and maybe a peek at some other nearby towns.  Second, there was a small cabin of sorts on the road leaving town.  Maybe someone lived there?  Who knows, but it was the only other landmark on the horizon this side of town besides Ogunquit.

Blitz turned on the engine, which didn't really make much noise, but dials lit up on the dashboard.  She activated the camera system for 360 visibility and lightly pressed on the accelerator.  It rolled easily down the street, nimbly avoiding wrecks along the way.  At the edge of town, the batteries still read nearly full, so that was good.  She his a straight stretch of road and gave it some more juice.  It wasn't fast by car standards, but for a welded-back-together, 8-wheeled, armored monstrosity it was a great ride.

She reached the tower in no time.  The battery dials were still all at 95+%.

At the top of the tower, Blitz was dismayed to find the body of a soldier.  Had she been up here on guard duty?  In any case, it looks like she had a few beers and then decided to check out of this world.  Her weapons might still be good, though.  Blitz gathered them together, then brought out her binoculars to peer down at the landscape.

To the north was a small town her maps had labeled as "Dover".  A tourist brochure stated there was a military surplus store there, and Blitz thought she could see it.  She also saw the town was infested with infected.  Not quite as bad as midtown Stoneham, but still far more than she was comfortable approaching.

There were two refugee camps nearby as well.  Blitz could not see if they were in inhabited, by living or by dead.

Of most interest was a large structure to the west.  A secure building in the middle of nowhere?  A research lab for sure.  She HAD to go there, someday.

Meanwhile, there was a cabin to visit.  She took the Carrier off-road to get there.  The military vehicle had no problem with the terrain.

She stopped on the other side of the road from the quaint wooden house.  An infected woman enthusiastically ran out to greet her.  Blitz found the husband, presumably, inside.  The house was well equipped for survival, shame it was occupied by the dead.  She found some decent foodstuffs and interesting reading material, but little else of interest.

With the day still young, Blitz decided to drive to one of the nearby refugee camps.  It was very quickly apparent that what few refugees there were already dead.  Alas, nothing left but to go home.

Back at the farmhouse, Blitz checked the batteries.  Battery 1 at 82%, the rest at 99%.  This meant that she could easily get to just about anywhere she could want to go on a single charge.  Though, the readout said it would take 6 hours before the sunlight topped the batteries back up.  Still, the Armored Cyborg Carrier would do just fine as a mobile home.  Now she just needed to finish furnishing it.
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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Adventures of Arica
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DAY 3:
Arica woke up bright and early at 4 am, hungry as a bear.  Fortunately, there were scrambled eggs and bits of fried beagle fat still on her table, so she sat down to eat breakfast in the dark.  She wanted to be ready to go before doing her morning patrol for the living dead.  She wouldn't make yesterday's mistake of letting them close in on the house.  She wasn't quite sure yet how to fix the fence.

Arica spent the predawn sorting yesterday's loot into cupboards and cabinets and onto racks by feel, then went out to do her patrol.  There was a downed zombie by a rose bush, giving Arica an idea about something she might do to keep them out of her property if it ever got warm enough.  A hedge might be old-fashioned, but maybe a prickly hedge could solve half her problems before they started.

The rural house belonged to Arica now.  It was situated on a road, it had handy water, and it had a big pantry.  The only thing it needed was some way to cook inside, and Arica had half a mind to build a fireplace by the window.  She just needed to find a book on how to build or something.

When dawn came, Arica found another downed zombie out back and another dead dog. She was pretty hungry and out of ready food in the house, so she dragged the dog over by her brazier and separated it into edible parts.  There were worse things to eat than roast dog, like the raw woodland vegetables she stuffed into her mouth on the way through the forest.

The appearance of two zombies while Arica was cooking up the new beagle reminded her that she wanted to dig a few pits around the property with her trusty digging stick.  It seemed like a task for after breakfast.

Digging the pits made Arica hungry.  She ate the last of the canned food and was down to beagle fat.  An afternoon of foraging in the woods netted only four eggs and a couple scraggly vegetables.  Up the road a ways was a closed and locked compound, the other way the road extended past her sight.  The only other place she could think of to look for food was the city, but that was a dangerous proposition.  The question was whether to try for it during the day or at night.

Arica went to bed early.  Despite her nerves, it$ was easy after getting up so early in the morning.

Arica woke up in the very early morning hours.  She was hungry already and thirsty, but all she had left was beagle crisps.  She ate them and took a swig from her bottle of water, then set all nonessential things aside to give her more space in her sling for carrying.

There was a house on the edge of the city she'd run through, whose name she couldn't remember, through some light forest.  Arica set off.

It was dark.  Like, really dark.  And Arica was barely down the road before she ran into a pack of zombies.  She high-tailed it back toward her house and the convenient zombie-killing pits.  When nothing came after her, she decided to just walk across the grassy fields.

She came out the fields onto the road leading into the town.  Groping around in the dark, she found an armored personnell carrier.  Maybe there would be some guns or something inside?  No luck.

She was briefly chased by a zombie groping toward a house.  She hoped she lost it in the dark.  The fucking door was locked, that was her luck.  And the zombies found her, two of them.  She led them toward some long grass.  If she couldn't handle them, she'd run back the way she came.

She led one of the stupid things off into a bush, then took off.  The other didn't catch her before she got back to the house, but it was swarming with zombies and she was almost out of breath.  Arica jumped through a broken window, briefly touseled with the dead, grabbed a can of rootbeer and some canned tomatoes and took off.  This was not going well.  She slammed the front door behind her and panted for breath.  It was time to call this a night and get back.

She set off up the road, hoping the smashing and crashing of the zombies behind her would attract the others that way instead of into her path.

Shit.  There were definitely zombies in her path.  Arica picked up a burst of speed and ran between them, ducked around the APC, and then dropped to a fast walk.  If she didn't catch her breath, she was fucked.  A brisk walk up the road and a listen for zombies behind her led her to believe it would be safe to catch her breath for a few minutes.

And it was.  Arica walked the rest of the way back home feeling pretty dejected.

The inventory from her night run was just as bad as the rural house, only with a lot more danger.  Her inventory also included a torn pair of jeans that she'd have to try to patch when it was light out, and some serious scratching to her hands, knees, and body.  At least Arica was decently experienced in basic first aid after her experiences in the hospital, so she'd made a few bandages just in case.  Hopefully applying those to the scratches and activating her repair nanobots would help.

When she got home, she cracked the can of tomatoes and washed it down with rootbeer.  For the moment, at least, her stomach was full.  Arica then sat down to let her nanobots do their work.  Unfortunately, she was getting seriously low on power, and her recharge system was a metabolic interchange.  Yeah.  That wasn't going to work.  It was looking like today was going to be a food day.

DAY 4:
After a nap in the chair, Arica's nanobots had closed most of her deeper cuts with the help of her bandages.  It was light enough out to do a zombie patrol, then her plan was to head into the woods.

The dead she'd seen on the road were still lurking out there, shambling in restless circles.  Bastards.  This time, she was going to get a good fire going in the pit before leading them in to the slaughter, because she couldn't trust that lot not to sneak up on her in the woods.

Four zombies.  One shambling fellow who had been a bit overweight when the apocalypse came, one that looked like it had been a firefighter, a burly woman, and then just some guy.  She'd have to lead them in one at a time, or this would get interesting.

Buzzing by the group, she saw it was a lot larger than she'd anticipated.  At least she had her matchbook, knife, and tools on her, in case she needed to take off if it got gnarly.  There wasn't much in her house keeping her here at this point anyway.  She managed to peel just one of the dead heads from the pack and led him back to her burn pit, where a merry fire was on.

It didn't get up out of the pit before the combination of Arica beating on its head and the fire at its feet took it down.  She circled around in a low crouch to buzz the group again, trying to draw away the fat guy.  Success, he was after her and none of the others.  Oh, there was a dead cougar in the road, that was probably what attracted them, and that was one less threat for her to worry about.

The fat guy had the same luck in the pit as the last one.  Down, one strong crunch to the head, and Arica was circling back for another.  The next two came in a little group, and Arica got a little scratched, but she'd had worse.  The only bummer was that one of them had had a lighter, but she couldn't fish it out of the fire in time.  The downside of using the fire pit was that she couldn't loot the bodies, it turned out.  The upside was that she only got a little scratched from taking out what ended up being five zombies.

Arica decided to fashion some sort of ranged weapon before wandering into the woods.  She had all that gravel sitting around from digging the pits, so she went for an old-fashioned sling.  Maybe lobbing pebbles at them would soften them up enough that she wouldn't have to use a fire pit except in the direst of circumstances.

Arica's forest jaunt led to a real find.  Apparently there was a swamp a bit of a way into the woods.  Cattails were edible, right?  As long as she avoided that massive area of webs that looked like something Frodo would hesitate to enter, she should be fine, she figued.  She found a thermos in a bush and filled it with salty water from a puddle in the swamp.  Gross maybe, but maybe it could help with the food preservation issue.  The cattails were more likely to be immediately useful.

It turned out that roasted cattail stalks were delicious, but then again, anything was delicious when a person was hungry.  She thought she might be able to pound the roots into some sort of flour.  A return to the swamp was warranted.

Unfortunately, while Arica could cook down the cattail roots, she couldn't figure out how to make them into something edible.  Crap.  She probably needed some sort of tool she didn't have, and she couldn't figure out how to fashion something.  It wouldn't be great to choke down, but maybe she could fashion it into some sort of edible paste or something.

Yeah, that was gross.  And it was getting dark.  Arica read about ancient samurai until the light faded.

DAY 5:
When she woke up, Arica realized that she had way more cattails than she could eat before they went bad.  From famine to feast, it seemed.  She turned on her metabolic interchange and went to town, using those cattails to stoke the inner fires her nanobots would need to close her wounds if she got into a scrap.

It was super dark out.  Arica spent her time in the dark tearing up one of her former curtains.  You could never have enough rags, and she wasn't going to do her zombie patrol until it was full light out.

There was a dead child outside her fence.  It was really sad to have to put it down, but it made sense that if the adults had died, so had the children.

The child had been carrying around a newspaper for some reason.  In the article, the police claimed to have everything under control.  Typical.  Everything looked very under control, to Arica.

It was a mortar and pestle.  That was what Arica needed to grind the starch down to a proper consistency.  Arica made one out of a couple of rocks she had in a pile of random stuff, then spent quite some time making flour.  Then she eyed the fence, now broken in several places, and decided to head to the other house down the road and strip it of some of its doors.  Planks, hinges, nails, she could get all the things she needed to set up some more gates and fix the barriers.

The dead neighbor was still in the road.  Arica really intended to look to that soon.  She reckoned that she could make a shovel if she attached one of the big ceramic shards to the bottom of a stick.  As she was raiding his house for parts, the least she could do was give him a proper burial.

Taking apart the neighbor's doors and hauling the pile of loot back to her house took Arica until after sunset.  By the time she got home, she was hungry, dirty, and really wanted to sleep.  She ate a few of the roasted cattail stalks and tucked in for the night.

DAY 6:
Who ever thought it would be so time-consuming to repair a damn fence.

DAY 7:
The food was low again.  After a cattail run, Arica decided it was time to try the thing with the fireplace by the window.  She was fairly sure with the rocks she'd gathered, she could get something to work that would allow her to cook inside instead of having to haul her wood outside and stand on the porch, in sight of the road and any passing zombies.

Having the fire inside by all the supplies opened up all sorts of possibilities. Arica spent the rest of the day working up useful bits of this and that.  It was the wee hours of the morning when Arica tucked in.

DAY 8:
Arica woke up with a stretch.  Her secure bedroom was quite dark and comfortable, then she realized how hungry she was.  Apparently digging a fireplace, fixing fences, and so on was hard work.  She briefly contemplated making vegetable pizza for breakfast, with that recipe she had in the Italian cooking book, but it would take up too much of her precious flour.  Flatbread it was.  Today, she'd take the shovel and body bag out to the neighbor's house and try to bury him properly. 

Except Arica couldn't figure out how to squeeze the body into the bag.  Apparently it would have to wait until she had a saw to make him a proper coffin.  She left the poor guy out by the side of the road, kind of vaguely covered in a body bag.

The rest of the day was spent fortifying the pits around her house, digging three of those six strategic pits a little deeper, which was hot and hungry work.  It was immediately rewarded after a pair of naked zombies shambled up the road and were easily dispatched.  In the darkness, she went out to refill her water jug and then came back inside to eat the rest of the cold flatbread.  Tomorrow would have to be another cattail run.
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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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DAY 50:
The infected were definitely changing.  Blitz had been observing them closely during her hunts.  Some were oozing noxious fluids and some would explode when struck by her crossbow bolts.  Others were twisted, armored, and often very fast.

She found a group of them milling about an exposed sewage work-site.  While shooting at one of the former workers, her crossbow was suddenly tugged out of her hands!  It flew towards the infected and stuck to it's hand.  She grabbed her staff and beat it to stillness before it could do anything else suspicious.  On a hunch, she dragged the corpse to a safer distance and started cutting in to it.  It was augmented!  The bionics were all broken though, including whichever one had magnetized her crossbow.  Blitz spent the rest of the afternoon sniping the dead and dismantling the work crew one by one.  She came out with some power systems and a set of cool bionic sunglasses.

Back at the farm, Blitz gently washed her salvaged bionics and carefully retracted them into their implantable configurations.  Her mechanic always provided gear in sterilized bags, but she hadn't seen any equipment in his basement for doing that.  Even cleaned by hand, the autodoc would reject them otherwise.   Sadly, the only doctors office that might have the necessary equipment was deep in Stoneham midtown.  At least, though, this was progress.

She set the implants aside on her workbench and went to make dinner.

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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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DAY 52:
The research facility was pandemonium.  Reinforced concrete walls surrounding the building left only one visible way in, but from the other side of the perimeter, Blitz heard all sorts of commotion.  Explosions, frantic voices, screaming voices, and screaming voices that could not have been human.  Security was very very heavy and all infected.

It seemed that the infected scientists all had very good vision and several of them left the compound of their own volition to chase Blitz.  She downed them one by one with her crossbow and dragged their corpses back to the Carrier for dissection.  Indeed, she salvaged several intact implants.

However, this laboratory would not be explored further until Blitz had WAY more firepower.


On the way back, Blitz spotted that horrible pink monster that attacked her several weeks back.  It had some sort of dog-like creature with it, too.  She pressed down on the accelerator and turned the wheel.


Blitz started to drive off but then she had an idea...

So, Crazy Bone Lady's actual name was Brigitte LaCroix.  Blitz had actually visited her several times since their first meeting.  Mostly it was to see if she was still around, but also because, you know, she was literally the only other person in the world to talk to.

Brigitte said that if Blitz ever wanted to become more than an 'Acolyte', she would need to hunt living animals and bring their bones.  While Blitz wasn't a vegetarian, the living creatures she'd all seen living in the neighborhood were all harmless and fuzzy and she had no intention of killing them.  That is, until she ran over screaming pink monster's ugly dog.

Brigitte seemed pleased, "And so, another cycle ends.  You have done well.  I will now bestow my mark upon you, so that others may know the path you walk and aid you."

They talked more about the Cataclysm, the cycles, and the mysterious Song to end it all.  Blitz still thought it was fucking nuts, but better to have a friend than yet another enemy.  Also, talking was nice.


Blitz, apprentice survivor.


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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Adventures of Arica
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DAY 9:
So hungry.  The last of the flour goes into flatbread.  It's time for another cattail run, but Arica knows that if nothing can be found in the woods, she is going to have to make another run toward the city or venture onto unknown roads.  It isn't clear which is the less appealing prospect.

Arica heads for the town.  There appears to be a pack of wild dogs lurking on the edge, which at first seems to be bad news until they run into the town and start taking down zombies.  German shepherds, what good boys.

Until they turn toward Arica.  She takes off at a dash toward a small, fenced wooden lot on the edge of town and vaults the fence before they can catch her, hunkering down until the good boys to back to zombie-chasing.

It turns out there are packs of dogs just roaming the edge of the city, and dogs are pretty easy to kill if you lure them into a bush like zombies.  Arica will be eating well tonight.  She flicks the switch to let her nanobots go to work to take care of her cuts and bruises.  The rest of the day is spent sorting out dog meat and grinding flour.

DAY 11:
Turning dogs into jerky is kind of sad.

DAY 12:
What jerky can be made, has been made.  Last night, some zombies broke through the fence, so after dispatching them, Arica stares at the fence.  It's a lot of work to maintain, there has to be some better option.

As Arica was taking care of the zombie corpses, tossing them into the burn pit, a zombie soldier came around the side of the house.  Despite being reasonably sure of her skills with her trusty cudgel at this point, after an epic battle, Arica was pretty beat up and her clothing was tattered.  Thank goodness for her repair nanobots, she thought, leaning against the nearest bit of destroyed fence and panting.  She definitely needed a stronger fence.

DAY 13:
Arica made flour while the nanobots did their techmagic, then set off to explore the road leading away from that infested city.  The building up the road was sealed up tight, and the truck out front only had a jack in the back.  She could see another roof from there, though the property looked pretty run down.  She walked toward it...

... and saw a mi-go take out a zombie.  Nope.  Nope nope nope.  This was not a direction to tread lightly.

When Arica got back home, she checked her cell phone.  5 pm was not an ideal time to head for the only unexplored road left.  She decided to venture into the woods to dig through some bushes and was rewarded with some bird eggs.  A zombie that rose out of a raspberry bush was easily cut back down.  Continued visions of hedges danced in her mind.  Maybe she would see about taking down the neighbor's fence and trying to string up a wire fence or something in the meanwhile.

Dinner was roast vegetables and scrambled eggs.  Who said you couldn't live in the apocalypse.

DAY 14:
Arica decided today was the day to think about moving the neighbor's fence wires over.  She woke up hungry and polished off another batch of scrambled eggs with vegetables, then went up the road a ways.

The neighbor was still rotting in the sun under the body bag.  "Sorry buddy."

Back and forth disassembling his fence wires, moving them home, and stringing them between the existing posts.  The gaps didn't look nearly as sturdy as the old split rail fence, but at least they'd slow down the zombies enough to get a few whacks in, and it took much less time to get them established.  By the time all the fence gaps were repaired, it was again time for bed.
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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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Reading these has gotten me back into playing CDDA.  Lots of changes since I last played, and even a magic conversion mod that's more than the Arcana Mod.

Still getting the hang of the new stuff before I start over and prep a character who's worth following in a story.  I'll post once I do..and have the time.
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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Adventures of Arica
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Heck yeah!  There are a lot of expansions.  I enjoy the auto-walk for getting back and forth in known areas, as long as it's not trying to walk me through a forest.

DAY 15:
After some chores around the house, Arica went down to where the road forked and turned away from the city.  It was pretty empty, winding through a forested and swampy area much like where she lived.  Eventually it opened up, and she saw that there was one of those abandoned properties.  And was that a farm house across those fields?  Arica decided to make for the farm house first, hoping it might have a backpack or something.

There was a massive pack of dogs in the field, probably fourteen pit bulls and border collies.  At least they didn't look aggressive.  The house was boarded up, which wasn't promising, and sure enough everything had been stripped out of it.  Arica found a dusty can of corn chowder in a cupboard, and that was that.  The barn at least had a couple of empty jars and duct tape.  Bummer.

There was another one of those weird closed-off buildings right next to the farm.  The explosions underground were not even less enthusiasm-inspiring than the thought she'd have to pass the pack of dogs again on the way back home.  Arica turned to go back up the road, thinking she might check out the abandoned property.  At least there was another intersection, meaning another direction to try on a different day.  The dogs barked at her from their side of the fence.  She gave them the finger.  "If I get hungry enough, I'll be back."

While passing the turn-off toward the city, whose name she still didn't know, Arica decided to approach one of the houses through the woods.  Surely the zombies must be less thick coming in from that direction, and she could lose any pursuers through the thick brush.  She hunkered down, and a trip to a single house netted her a rolling pin, which actually looked more useful than her cudgel, as well as a couple lighters, cornmeal, flour, salt, dried rice, and some other goodies.  Maybe she'd try this again tomorrow.  For now, it was getting sort of late, and it was time to head home.

DAY 16:
In the second house, there was a hiking backpack.  "Sort of bulky.  But not bulkier than a sheet strapped across your body."

And it had so much storage.  You might ask Arica, what are you going to do with so much broken glass, Arica, but she had plans.  Oh, did she have plans.

But first she had plants.  It seemed warm enough out to do some tilling and plant the various seeds she'd found.  Corn, onions, potatoes, wheat, cannabis, you know, the staples.  By the time she had started on planting the cattail seeds she'd pulled out a few of the older stalks, night was falling.

DAY 20:
The pits are reinforced.  The vegetables are planted.  Some wood has been chopped, the surrounding forest has been stripped of anything edible.  It's time for another walk back to the abandoned houses on the forest's edge.  Kite some of the fresh corpses into the bushes, dispatch them with a rolling pin.

Except one has a baseball bat strapped to its back.  Arica would have felt bad for the kid, but this was a great opportunity for her.  A proper weapon!  She stows her rolling pin and grins.

The next house is full of interesting stuff, though no food.  Arica isn't going to ask why there's a flute and condoms piled together on a nightstand.  That is definitely not her business.

There's some barbed wire in a cabinet in the garage.  You know what's even better than a baseball bat?  A baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.  Bam, she has a new best friend.  She quickly puts it to work on about ten corpses that shamble toward her out of the apartments, fortunately just coming one at a time through the windows and stumbling over the railing.  Then it turns out that apartment towers have an amazing quantity of food inside.  It's like these people were stocking up for the apocalypse or something.  Arica realizes that she's doing pretty well on food at this point, and it's time to decide to either make her home more livable for the long term, or figure out where to move on.

The upside about the rural house is that it's pretty out of the way.  She isn't getting swarmed by zombies in the night anymore, her fences are decent, she's got burn pits to lure zombies into (some lined with glass, others with spiked sticks), there's water nearby, there's a swamp for salt water and cattails, there's even a pond with fish concealed in the woods.  The downside is that she doesn't have a vehicle, and there's that moose in the woods.  Hm.  Hmmm.  It's worth thinking over.

DAY 21:
Correction.  There's a fucking moose outside the fence.  It's time to get out the rusty rifle she took off that zombified cop, because there is just no fucking way.  It has just four bullets, and hopefully that will be enough.

Later:  The moose is dead.  Arica is down to just one rifle bullet, but that was definitely worth it.  She spends the rest of the day trying to set up a butchering and smoking area really quick, because she'll be damned if she's going to waste this much meat.

DAY 22:
Some of the meat spoiled.  Given the size of the moose, that was probably inevitable.  But much more of it was turned into meat that would keep.  Smoked sausage, jerky, some smoked meat that she was dehydrating even further in the smoker.  The hides had all been scraped down while the meat was smoking.  Today would be more moose processing, and maybe a run into the woods for vegetables since woman cannot live on meat alone.  After some vegetables are in, Arica realizes it's only about 2 in the afternoon.  "Plenty of time for a different project."

Arica spends the rest of the day turning the neighbor's fence into wires for her own fence.  At this rate, she'll have most of his house into hers by the time summer rolls around. 

"Summer will be rough," Arica says to the mouldering corpse under the body bag at the corner.  If she just had a saw, she could cobble together a coffin and bury him.  Alas, no zombie has yet come bearing her a saw as a present.  Most are naked from their walks in the woods.  And if she's being honest with herself, she would miss her conversations with the dead body, who she was thinking of giving a name, since they were the closest thing she had to a friend other than her bat.
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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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That's looking like a really good survival cabin. Are you playing with wander spawns on?

(Also, I looked into faction base mechanics and they're still really rough, like you can only start one in a shelter, firehouse, or empty field. I'm probably going to skip them until they're fixed up a lot more.)

Meanwhile, I'm on vacation for a while but Blitz will return!


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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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Wander spawns are on!  But I kicked monster evolution down really low.
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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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DAY 23:
Fixing up torn and tattered clothing has given Arica some idea about how to fashion other things.  A quiver, for instance, which could come in handy if she decides to stop engaging zombies hand-to-hand.  She could afford to strap a bow onto her hiking pack, she decides, and sort of ties a string on a bendy stick.  It kind of looks like a bow.  She makes a couple handfuls of ratty-looking arrows for her quiver.

There's a moose outside the neightbor's house.  Nope.  She'll have to head to the city to get the pipes she needs to strengthen her fence.  While outside the apartment tower, she sees a couple corpses she hadn't taken to the burning pile in the middle of the road.  Weird.

There's a tinkle from above, and then there's a zombie on the ground next to her.  Well, that answers that.  She smacks it with the bat, it goes down.

After taking the pipes home and working on the fence a while, it's time for bed.

DAY 24:
All the vehicles on the way into town are completely broken down.  The APC?  No gas tank.  The beetle?  No tires.  The other beetle?  No tires.  The limo?  No tires.  It's like there was a run on tires shortly before the apocalypse.  She finds a tourist map and discovers that the city was called Cape Elizabeth.  That vaguely rings a bell, but it isn't where Arica is from.

Arica is glad she didn't come into town on the road in the night too far in.  There's a military turret at the intersection, taking down zombies, and it would have made a nasty surprise in the dark.  Unfortunately, it doesn't know how to smash the zombies, so they rise again and it guns them down again.  Hopefully it'll run out of ammo.

In the basement of the first house Arica ever ran through, it looks like someone was playing D&D when shit went down.  There is a zombie child down there.  It isn't a match for the bat.  She takes the snacks and books back to her house, and settles in to read a book called Popular Mechanics, which might come in handy.  It's a good into to the other book she found, Under the Hood, which might help her with the vehicle situation.  If she could just scoot into town, that would be so much better than walking the whole way.  She reads until dark.
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Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
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    I am subject Victor Tango Alpha, or "Volunteer" T-a.

    I never volunteered for anything, and if I had any friends I would prefer "Vita."

    I don't remember if I ever had any other name.  I think I did, once, but..I'm not too sure and it's bad to think about it to much.  Not like the life I had before the lab was anything special. 
    Lost girl, no parents that I can remember, but I must have had someone important.  I can remember a bed and someone taking care of me..feeding and clothing me, if nothing else.  The cloths were hand-me-downs and so worn from washing that there were holes, but at least I wasn't naked..all the time.
    Like I said, no clear memories of before the lab and once the men came and brought me to the building on the Guard Base that lead underground..I wish my memories of that time were unclear.  Or..I don't.  Not sure.  Most of my memories of..who I am is from that place.  Lots of physical exams, lots of questions, lots of needles and time spent in bed either too tired to move or think, or to painful to do anything.  Not even curl up and cry.  When I wasn't in bed or being stuck like the lab rat I was, there was the woman who forced me to run, forced me to hit things.  Bags with sand, other kids, other people.  Hit her, although I never managed to do it.
    Not really sure how long it lasted, but it must have been years.  I was a kid when I went underground and when I came out..well, I wasn't a woman..not wholly, not with whatever they'd done to me making me look the way I do, but I wasn't a kid anymore.  Still mostly woman..ish?  Whatever they were doing to me, it made me weird.  Longer teeth..longer nails.  The dark wasn't dark anymore, but the light was very bright and it hurt.  I was always pale, but after digging my way out of the lab (thank you mister dy-no-mite) and spending a few days in the sun,  Yeah, that's another thing.  I look like I've got swirly..bark-for-skin.  White bark.  Kinda like the trees you see around here, the smooth ones with the grey and white swirls?  Dunno?  Anyway, I look weird and the sun's really irritating so I try staying indoors most of the time.  Not that difficult.  After digging my way out of Hell (that's the lab) and thinking whatever it was that turned everyone into monsters was their own fault, but finding out that the whole world's now Hell, I spend most of my time indoors.  Everyone's a monster and I don't like monsters.
    Got myself a little home of my own near the edge of town.  River's just past the end of the block and past the marsh.  Lots of fish.  Place isn't much but I've made it more.  Send most of my time in the kitchen.  Pulled in some tables and chairs, a desk, and put up a smoke rack near the windows.  Smoked fish is pretty good.  Plenty of other things, too.  Monsters don't seem to need to eat much, anymore, so there's plenty of their old stuff to pull out for me.  Maybe they can only eat fresh stuff, now.  Like me.  They always try to attack me whenever I come out of my house.
    I've got some music to listen to, which is nice.  There wasn't much to listen to in the lab, even when they let me do so.  Being outside is nice, even if it's Hell.  Lots of food I've never had, though some of it tasted really bad and made me sick.  Some of the books I've gotten said it's gone rotten and I shouldn't eat it.  Yeah, I know, books.  Learned that before I read you.   That's another thing that's really nice; the books.  Lots and lots of books all over the place.  Books about making stuff.  Books about cooking.  About making clothing, hard clothing from metal, fighting (those were the easiest to understand), putting machines together, wiring, electric stuff and all that.  I even was able to find some books on magic.  The people in the lab always said magic was bad.  Not reliable, not needed.  Even when it mixed with science, it was still untrustworthy.  Shows what they know.  The books I got showed me how to do that science and magic mixing stuff.  Might not be very special stuff but I can make a monster explode with a wave of my hand and a bunch of sharp knives that pop out of the air.  Some of the books also let me do the same with plants.
    The plants are also another really nice thing.  I've found lots of them since coming outside.  I've got a big pile of different seeds that I'm going to plant and grow and harvest, just like the books say I can.  Their really some of the best parts about being outside.  I look kind of like a plant, anyway, now that I think about it.  And some of the stuff I've got to drink from the lab gives makes me have dreams of lots of plants.  Good dreams, like..standing in the sun and not hurting.  Having it feel good, instead, like I could stay there forever.
    Yeah, being in Hell isn't so bad.  It'd be better if there was someone else to talk to, but the monsters don't do that.  They just groan and growl and chase me.  Sometimes each other, too.  There was a big monster I saw being attacked by lots of the monsters that used to be people.  It was really big and had shaggy hair all over it.  The people-monsters were all around it and hurting it bad but it was hurting them more and the cuts and scratches on it healed really fast while I was watching.  I was jealous of that.  I've been hurt a lot and haven't felt really good in a while.  I watched it kill the other monsters before it came after me.  I was afraid it was going to hurt me bad, that it would heal too fast from the things I did to it.  But I had a sword.  Lots better than the monster claws.  It didn't live after I cut its stomach open and then it's neck.  I thought that it even though it looked kind of like a person, it wasn't, so I drug it back home and chopped it up.  It didn't taste good until I smoked it.  Tasted really good after that.  Kind of like that woman I found after I got out of the lab.  She was dead but didn't look rotten.  I hadn't eaten anything in days and she just looked good.  Really pretty.  Tasted pretty, too.  The big monster didn't taste as good, but still good.
    I can't think very well, right now.  Things kind of get..weird, sometimes.  Like now.  I've got some of the medicine they used to give me in the lab, which helps.  I think I'll take some and go back to sleep.
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Vita didn't make it.  RIP.


Leena had had a bad week.  Not as bad as the rest of the world, but bad enough.

She'd been hanging around with her "Master," like she usually did on the weekends.  The old man might have had a screw loose but he was the only legitimate mage in the area who was willing to teach her without having to cough up the exorbitant price for full arcane schooling at one of the Universities.  Learning how to conjure a bolt of electricity out of plain air was just cool so she put up with the old man's ramblings and delusions of greatness.  He hadn't turned out to be one of those creepers who perved on younger women, so..yeah.  Bigger plus.  She could put up with hearing about his glory days every other hour.

When all hell broke loose, he'd even pulled her out of the grasp of some wandering freak with a hole in their head and barricaded his basement to protect them both.  She was so shaken by it all that she could only nod and scramble to everything he said when he started loudly proclaiming that he had a way out of there for the both of them and started throwing together this weird thing that was part magic circle, part science-y computer-stuff.  Her already shaken nerves shattered when he threw the switch and instead of being pulled into a different, safe place, it instead pulled his insides out and his outsides in.  She curled up in a ball and just rocked for who knows how long, listening to what had to be freaking zombies beat on the barricade through the whole night until it stopped sometime around dawn.

Her head had stopped swimming by then and she dared to peek outside through a slit in the wooden slats.  When she didn't see any zombies, she pulled herself out and started looting the salvageable scrolls and elixers stored in the basement.  Cautiously heading upstairs and peeking out a window showed that whatever had happened had pretty much toasted the whole city.  Everything was wrecked, there were fires in the distance and there wasn't a single living person to be seen other than herself.

Seven days later and the fires had died down.  Everyone was still dead and refusing to admit it, but she'd learned how to avoid them or lure them into traps and ends from which she could kick their undead asses and get out.  Leena thought she might be a badass at times but really.  She knew she wasn't.  She barely knew how to conjure a bolt to zap a fly, not enough to save her life from neighbors turned shambler and certainly not enough to save her ass from the wildlife that was now creeping into the city when the mage-wards dropped from lack of maintenance.  If she hadn't gotten the luck-of-the-fugging-gods and found a deployable, solar powered laser turret in one of the towns many military surplus stores (guess living next to the National Guard post actually did have some benefits, even if they'd been overrun by the dead and all the guard bots had turned berserk, but seriously?  Who the fuck lets a laser turret get into civilian hands?) she knew she'd have ended up dead a dozen times over.  Especially against the owl-bear.  Fuck was that a scary moment.  Hells worse than when the old man turned himself inside out.  The thing just jumped out of the water near the edge of town and rushed her so fast it nearly took her arm off before she could drop the turret and it could fry a hole through it's fugly chest.

The turret was now pulling guard duty in the clearing behind her old master's house.  His old "luxury" R/V was still partly functional, even if the wheels had all rotted off.  The solar panels and electricity all works so she had a place to hide and a place to keep her scavenged food.  Right now, she was focused on bettering her spells.  Her old lessons in ninjitsu (really just the play-acting a one-time boyfriend who'd been big into anime tried getting her to try out) had worked out only so well, but now she needed some real firepower.  The manual on Tai-Chi she was reading was interesting enough, but she needed to keep the dead away, not get all up and personal.

Or maybe she should see about fixing the fault in one of the kitchen units.  Not that she actually did any real cooking, but her food stock could only last so long.  Might need to make her own mac and cheese eventually.
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I've come to the conclusion that relaxing is not the lack of doing anything, but doing something that comes easily to you.