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Opinion of raising the starting age of characters.
« on: September 20, 2019, 12:36:24 PM »
One of the more recent reviews of our game is that it is creepy to have 13 year old characters potentially having sexual intercourse with others.

It wasn't in reference to actual experience, but in reference to the possibility of it happening in our roleplaying game.

To prevent this, we can either observe the young characters in the game to make sure that they roleplay accordingly, or we can remove it completely from the game by eliminating the option of playing young characters.

Since this is a question of appearances of outsiders looking into the game and what could possibly be allowed, rather than what actually happens, it's super hard to correct the record.

I've played many young characters, and really enjoy the "coming to adulthood" storylines that my characters go through, but I'm willing to start my characters a bit older in order to prevent this appearance of children having sex.

Should we raise the starting age of the races ?
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Re: Opinion of raising the starting age of characters.
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This is being discussed currently among the team. We'll post an announcement on the changes.
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