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Good RP for beginners! Thomoto edition
« on: August 12, 2019, 06:32:24 PM »
So lets get a discussion rolling!

Basic rp: Now what I see a lot of newbies do is they just talk, without emoting or rarley emoting, bad punctuation (which is not mandatory just a pet peeve). So I would put this down. Emoting in general adds life to your character beyond say talk tell kill etc. They don’t have to be intricate just general and realistic, this will add a huge amount life to your character.
Maybe add an emote or two when crafting, maybe walking here and there. Just try to avoid not emoting enough.
Think, feel, mood. These are always good, while not something that everyone in the room can see, but is still good, everyone has an internal dialogue, its just something in general (unless your character is a midless slave of nilaz or something like that) have feelings, change your mood. Everything to that.

Character creation beyond the app: So you make your character, guild, race age background etc.
After you do that I would think more detailed about your character and their quirks. Maybe they were a raider back in their day and they want to hide as a artisan to excape their past... Maybe they are secretive, maybe they are skittish or even paranoid. Prehaps they don’t like violence.
Maybe they grew up poor because of a abusive, alcoholic parent who spent all their coin on alcohol.
A good quirk is they don’t like alcohol, or they are an alcoholic them selves.
These in my opinion might he good things to think about, hell even think about how they talk.
Eg. “Hello Amos, what is that you have?” Or “Ey Amos, wha’s tha' ye got ther’?”
Think about common situations that may happen, like say thry are being questioned by a templar or are even in the presence of a templar/noble. Think about common emotes to their quirks or traits.
Again something good to keep in mind.

More on tips: Think about you characters views beyond the moment your in. What are your views on the templarate or allanak it self. Think about your approach to rinthi, northies southies elves humans dwarves and breeds. Maybe your extremely xenophobic and racist or maybe a little bit to not at all, be cleaver with how your character does it.

These are what I have. Feel free to add to this thread!
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Re: Good RP for beginners! Thomoto edition
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2019, 10:04:51 PM »
I made the Roleplaying: How To Make Things More Interesting Thread a while ago and I think it applies great for this instance. Another thread we have available is the sticky Resources for Good Roleplay (On Good Roleplay) Thread which contains an assortment of links, books and websites that are useful to take your roleplaying to the next level. I think both are ideal when a new player hits that 'okay now what' mark. Several years into the game, I am still enjoying the offsprings of following my own advice.


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Re: Good RP for beginners! Thomoto edition
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2019, 10:10:29 AM »
Don't tell me how to roleplay. I've been a broken-nosed farmboy with no discernable goals so many times...
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Re: Good RP for beginners! Thomoto edition
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2019, 02:29:29 AM »
My best recommendation for those beginning to play the game (or RP in general) is mimic and do as others do. Find an inspiring PC (there are a few) and play around them if you can. Befriend them, or as I did on my first PC of note, make an enemy of them.

Emoting is not RP, but it certainly enhances it, and makes the character more real to me and to others.

Thinking and feeling is not RP, but it certainly enhances the character to me, and gives them more veracity in their motivations.

Actions speak louder than words or emotes or thinks or feels -- Do as your character would do, not as you as a player would do. This is the greatest distinction that sometimes takes plenty of PCs to understand fully.

Read great books and find inspiration in them, and the characters in the story.

Don't be afraid to take risks just because it may mean the end of your PC. Again, do as your character would do, not what you as the player would do.

If it means backstabbing your best friend, but it makes sense to the character, even if it hurts you as a player, do it. Do not do your character injustice.

Keep everything IC. If someone crosses you, it is the character crossing you, not the player. If you are murdered, you will find your next PC may very well be your killers best friend. Do not blur the lines in-between characters. I call this the Reincarnation Irony of ArmageddonMUD.

Punctuate if you can. It is a game involving writing after all.

If you have any questions, simply ask, and don't be afraid of judgement. Discord isn't the best forum for these kinds of things sometimes. If there is a player who's style you really appreciate, ask them if you can pick their brain a bit over PMs. Don't divulge IC information. Speak more generally about RP and how they play characters in general. A mentor is worth a million books.
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