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Attack on Titan and D&D/Tabletop RPGs
« on: July 01, 2019, 11:04:06 AM »
In an attempt to combine two of my current favorite interests I spent some time developing D&D mechanics for an Attack on Titan one-shot variant. But I might never end up playing it. So sharing the half-finished work is the next best thing. It's very raw and untested, and I've limited D&D experience as is, so you may need to re develop the damage, to-hit and HP numbers as you go.

Anyways here's what I got.

Im imagining a simple lvl 1 fighter for stats. But for HP most of the damage below is calculated for a character around 50 HP. Again this is the part you'll probably have to figure out yourself.

MECHANICS OF Omni-Directional Mobility Gear.

4 gas bursts(can be used to change the outcome of a battle or aid mobility) Each player has 2 gas canisters, each carries 2 bursts. More can be found in-game.

ODM Deployment Roll
Roll 1d20 + dex mod (+2 or +3 depending on the character)
on a 1-5    No attachment, are falling
on a 6-11   One prong attaches, half speed
on a 12-16  Both prongs unsecured, normal speed
on a 17-20+ both prongs securely attach, full speed

(if moving half speed Titans have advantage on attacks, full-speed they have disadvantage)

(if two ODM rolls fail in a row, player falls to the ground taking bludgeoning damage)

(on ground you're considered half speed and titans get advantage on attacks)

ODM speed:  half 40, Normal 60, full 80 (+2 to attack)

Speed on Ground: 30

Speed on Horse:  60

Titan Limbs/Eyes
Crippling limbs or eyes gives certain advantages, and also lowers the AC of the Titans Nape. The Nape must be destroyed to kill a Titan. Each Limb or eye regenerates after 3 rounds.

1 eye =  -2 to hit
2 eyes = disadvantage on attacks.

1 leg  = half speed
2 legs = can't move

1 arm  = get advantage on grapple check against it,
2 arms = can only make charge attacks.

Non-powered/intelligent titans.

3 meter titans (7-10 feet tall)
Can hit nape from ground.
Nape:  AC15 HP5 drops 1AC for each limb/eye missing
Eyes:  AC15 HP5
Limbs: AC13 HP5
Speed: 30
To Hit: +2
Damage: Swipe  1d8  +3 (can grapple DC 13 strength),
              Bite(only on grappled)   2d10 +5

8-10 meter titans (30 ft, height of 2 story house)
Must be attached to attack nape, or have crippled both legs
Nape: AC17 HP10 drops 1AC for each limb/eye missing
Eye:  AC15 HP5
Limb: AC13 HP10
Speed 40
To Hit: +3
Damage: Swipe  3d8  +5 (can grapple DC 15 strength), 
              Bite(only on grappled)  3d10 +10
              Charge 4d6  +5

15 meter titan (50 ft,) female titan-Eren-Armored titan
Must be attached to attack nape,
Nape: AC20 HP15, drops 1AC for each limb/eye missing
Eye:  AC17 HP5
Limb: AC13 HP15
Speed 60
To Hit: +5
Damage: Swipe  1d20 +10 (can grapple DC 17 strength),
              Bite(only on grappled)  2d20 +20
              Stomp  3d10 +10

25 meter titans (80ft)

60 meter titan (Tall as the wall) Colossal titan
(nape hp diminshes over time)

Attack Roll   1d20 +dex (Can land 2 attacks before dull blades must be replaced)
                   Damage = 1d10 (on ground/in freefall) 1d10 +strength&dex mod if attached.

Replace Gas (exchange empy gas can for full one from inventory +2gas)

Deploy ODM (Roll for ODM deployment)
Re Attach ODM (re roll next ODM grapple at advantage) Must be attached
Replace Blade
Gas Maneuver

3d Maneuver (like flying, move anywhere within 30 ft) Must be attached
Normal movement.


1 Gas
Line strike (hit 2 limbs/eyes in one move, roll each attack) must be attached

Power attack (add 1d6 to a damage roll) must be attached

Swift Strike (give advantage to an attack roll) must be attached

Speed up (raises speed one level)

Extra Burst (if falling remain in the air for an extra round, gives attached status for attacks)

2 Gas
Furious attack (adds 1d10 to a damage roll) Must be attached

Double attack (gain an extra attack this round) must be attached

Crippling strike (on succesful attack use crippling blow to instantly cripple a limb/eye) Must be attached

3 Gas
Instant evasion (as a reaction avoid any attack that would have hit)

4 Gas
Bladed Escape (if grappled you may expend all gas to escape, roll 1d20+strength, if you beat DC 15 cripple the hand grappling you)

Campaign Hook
You and your fellow training regiment were holding up in an outpost outside the walls. You've completed the final tests required of you there and have been made into full fledged Scouts. You've been outside the walls for almost a week now. The camp is set up about ten miles into a large forest. You and the others are relaxing as you wait for the next regiment to come out and relieve you.

You're due one last month of R&R before you're sent out with other Scout regiments to help eradicate the Titans beyond the walls. Most of you are eager to get home after some grueling, dangerous tests and close calls that have served to bond you and your friends tighter together. Others though are itching to fight some real titans. Scoffing at the idea of all the leisure time before they can.

It is the day the caravan was supposed to show up with new recruits and supplies, and yet nothing has come. With food and water supplies dwindling you must figure out what happened to your replacements and make your way back to the walls on your own.


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