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Re: Cripple (x) head/leg/body/arm
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I hardly see how attempts to clearly and precisely outline my meaning are in any way sly. I'm saying exactly what I mean, sometimes to exhaustive length and detail -- the content just isn't appreciated, and that's fine. Again, a base ideas was offered and people that opposed it gave suggestions to make it palatable. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater makes no sense.

I'll also apologize if you did not the colorful language 'torture dolls', that was unhelpful and hard to quantify on any basis, but focusing on a tiny portion of the entirety of my contributions of the thread is an ad homenim sidestep at best and your last statement was a strawman, Metekillot.

You guys realize that some of you ARE more established players in the community and a lot of us newer players respect and want to play with you? Looking for insult where folks are just trying to contribute, or repeatedly pushing them away when they want to fit in is a non-starter.

Edit - I'm clearly done with the thread. I'll respond to a PM if anyone wants, but my even posting was a bad idea.
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Re: Cripple (x) head/leg/body/arm
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I think perhaps you may be getting yourself a little too worked up. May be that I grouped your post in with the other handful of posters in the thread who are asserting that the only purpose behind this idea was to increase griefing potential against other players. Griefing is deliberately sabotaging another player's game experience for no other reason than to take pleasure in their misery. That's not the case with this idea, as I've stated a few times. It's to offer an opening for more enforced narrative potential for people roleplaying grievous wounds inflicted by their rivals.

It's so they don't suddenly forget they have a gimp leg when sprinting down an alleyway would save their character; their lovers and friends might look upon them with pity (and perhaps disgust) after the injury; give them a chance to overcome the sudden disability and succeed despite having one hand, or no tongue -- or let them fail in their attempt to overcome it. I want them too tell a story that involves other people in the process beyond the current meta of "drop pack" or "etwo sword;bash".

Also, if the guy decides to 'quit die' after the crippling, I'm not gonna deny a little bit of satisfaction in that. Don't want to get crippled or killed?
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Re: Cripple (x) head/leg/body/arm
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But the only time this would even come up is at a time when, currently, you'd just be pk'd.

This is literally only going to save character lives.  I absolutely do not understand the people who claim this would make greifing more common.  The proposed idea has it happen when you're ko'd and at someone's mercy.  That's a pretty rare event already, and if it happened now your options are 'kill them' and 'let them go'.  The former is vastly more likely than the latter in almost any scenario.  Claiming that it will add griefing, with zero reasonable evidence, while ignoring all contrary conversation intended to help explain how it wouldn't doesn't come across very clearly, and doesn't really address the idea in question very well.  You shouldn't worry about lead poisoning when you're discussing unleaded gasoline.

And WithSprinkles' point about 'well this seems to cause contention so the idea is bad as a whole' is super unhealthy for discussion.  All you need to do to cancel any idea you, personally, dislike is to raise some ruckus in the thread and get the idea declared toxic?  That can't be what you're saying, can it?  I know the GDB has a few personalities that go apoplectic with any level of disagreement (especially disagreement that doesn't have ten layers of sugar coating on it) but even so, this is a pretty absurd argument to me.


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Re: Cripple (x) head/leg/body/arm
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I really want to cripple someone's head now.
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Re: Cripple (x) head/leg/body/arm
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This is a boring, reductivist argument that doesn't even approach the sentiment of my point.  If you're looking to score cheap rhetorical points, cool, keep on doing this.  If you want to actually discuss the change and what it means for the game world, let's do that.

This from someone who put forward the absurdly simplistic reply "because Murder Corruption Betrayal".  ::) You know, instead of an actual example of how this would enhance the game.
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Re: Cripple (x) head/leg/body/arm
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Vivaduans would not be able to heal many of the suggestions in this thread.  They can't cause the body to regenerate or re-attach stuff.

I feel like it would be relatively straightforward to retcon this to foster playability and conflict, or just have magick/Vivadu evolve.
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