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Save rooms
« on: May 23, 2019, 02:30:51 PM »
Now that MUDs aren't running on year 1990 hardware, has anyone considered the possibility of making every room a save room by default?  Is performance code-limited, hardware-limited, or both?

How many items would have to accumulate for the game to begin experiencing a significant slowdown given the current code and hardware that the game is running on?
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Re: Save rooms
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There's more to the question than simply computer resources.

How many bone swords need to be stored in a bedroom before they're given out to every character out of char-gen because 'my character is a nice person and I have plenty of these'?
How many sets of mekihorrmet plate-great-armors does the gameworld need to contain until they're just too common that their functional price is negligible and their benefits are dismissed because everyone else also has the same benefits?
How many hunters need to find 10000 coins on their first day adventuring because, honestly, all the people who die in similar locations adds up real quick.

Certain things are the way they are because they have to be that way or else the entire 'RP' aspect of the game is not designed to have them any other way.