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How to create indie RP/plots
« on: May 11, 2019, 04:09:53 PM »
A lot of the advice I've come across seems specific to plot creation using the existing IG frameworks (being a good noble, being a good Sarge, etc).

Is there anything out there about creating plots as an independent? How do you do it? How /would/ you do it?

Do post any specific ways you've done this in the past (if you'd like), or even general guidelines. Or just link me to some resources concerning this that I might have missed, it seems like a topic that was probably discussed in the past but I cant dig up the deets.

I know there's the bit in Mansas guide but it seems to focus a lot on Staff interaction and Staff support, I'm more interested in the kind of things players themselves find fun OOCly vis a vis things they do ONLY because theyre ICly getting paid for it or get some other IC benefit (often, observing the latter may not be a good proxy for the former).

Or are all indie plots boring bs and players only really appreciate the big meaty plots trickling down from upstairs?
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Re: How to create indie RP/plots
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2019, 06:45:19 PM »
Take all this with a grain of salt, but this is my viewpoint.

1. Spend your coins.  If you have any type of craft, chances are you can sell them for coins to someone.  What many people seem to do is sell lots of items to shops but never really try to do it with players.  So they end up after time with a large bankroll and nothing to spend it on.  Or people make the mistake of spending every single coin on their character and not others.

If you want to have plots and things happen, with or without staff involvement, you need to have more than yourself involved in it.  Hire the Byn to escort you from A to B.  Hire a guide to bring you too and from a said place.

Don't hold onto your coins like Nenyuk gives you an incentive once you hit ten large or whatever, spend it, sometimes I spend my coin faster than it comes in.

2. Make friends with people who don't really matter to your goal.  Say you're an indy hunter, that tressy tressy bar sitting aide may never buy your mekillot skins from you, but may know who is looking for them, or drop your name in a conversation with someone.

This might lead to you and your group being invited to do things.

3. Look for ways to get involved beyond a buy sell relationship.

What I mean is if you're a crafter but you can't skin, maybe try to work for someone else, not a merchant house, but a player who seems to have what you need/want to get yourself off the ground.

3a. Don't be super secure with how you play.  If you don't trust anyone in the game, ever and you never tell anyone where you live, never tell anyone a vulnerable aspect about yourself.  You will probably never be screwed over, but you'll not be involved with much either.

I've noticed this a lot, everyone wants to be their own man/dwarf/elf whatever, doesn't want to work for anyone, doesn't want to swallow their pride and deal with being an employee or a helper to someone else.  While I think everyone thinks, what's in this for me, the most fun I've had has been when I wriggled my way into personal relationships and started working for someone, then growing beyond them, or having someone work for me.

Other players are less inclined to interact with you when you treat them like an NPC.  Sell hide Cerelum, Cerelum says, "I already have too many of those." doesn't come outta a players mouth.

I've bought and sold stuff that were totally un-needed by me or others simply by having a good working relationship with them.

That's my two cents.
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Re: How to create indie RP/plots
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2019, 07:02:15 PM »
Take all this with a grain of salt, but this is my viewpoint.

One of the reasons I speculate that I seem to get more helpful opinions (albeit shorter) on discord than here is because people don't like to take this risk, thanks mate!


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Re: How to create indie RP/plots
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2019, 08:22:18 PM »
I try and kill people. Most the time it is pretty half-assed mostly to give others something to do.
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Re: How to create indie RP/plots
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Hate something. Rally others to hate it with you.

Spill secrets. Keeping everything to yourself is playing with yourself. Don't masterbate. Circle jerk.
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Re: How to create indie RP/plots
« Reply #5 on: May 11, 2019, 08:57:22 PM »
How I create interactions with people is by doing the following:
1) Find excuses to talk to as wide a variety of people as possible. This might mean being fearful of a magicker and expressing that fear quite visibly such as with furtive glances, shaking hands, even saying hello when you think the magicker is looking in your direction.

2) Find things for people to do. If you see a 'rinther, ask them to buy spice. Or ask them what the latest word is in the Labyrinth. Ask them to tell you who other criminals are. Knowing who the local criminals are can help you buy stuff on the cheap. We all value rumors. It's why we always type "look board rumor" and then read them. Asking other people what rumors are on boards you can't see gives you that information. Don't know everything there is to know. Instead of risking life and limb, offer to buy food from new hunters on the cheap.

3) Find out what other people are doing. Find ways that helping them benefits your and then help them. But always demand a price or benefit to your character that they are willing to part with or provide.

4) To create plots, give yourself goals and try to involve the widest range of people possible. Do as little yourself as possible, potentially only giving yourself the goal of raising funds to pay everyone else (which can be done by asking for favors for other people or via coded means).

5) Give yourself one meaningful flaw that will be counterproductive to your efforts. And then do your absolute best to hide that flaw while still roleplaying it appropriately.

6) Remain true to your character. Don't break character just to involve others or create plots. If your character is terrified of the desert, remain terrified of the desert. Only ever enter it if you absolutely have to. But also be willing to make minor tweaks to your character as necessary. But only if it's truly important.

7) Don't try to generate drama plots. They'll happen naturally without any effort from you. They're also the lowest of low quality plots.

8) Communicate with staff as regularly as they want you to. Once you start doing things that involve other players, shoot them a quick report and ask them how often they would like you to update them in the future.

None of the above requires staff support. By increasing the amount of interactions you have, you'll start getting involved in other people's stories. As you start setting goals for yourself, you'll naturally start to generate plots that other people will enjoy helping you with. The more people enjoy working with you, the more they will interact with you and the more plots will naturally generate.

Also none of the above rules should be followed all the time! Even the ones that say "always". You follow every rule above to the letter, you'll burn out and get bored. Pick and choose which ones you follow at any given time.

One final note that's a big one: The more fun you generate for other players without staff support, the more likely staff will be to provide assistance for plots that do need their help.


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Re: How to create indie RP/plots
« Reply #6 on: May 11, 2019, 11:36:41 PM »
I don't know. This has always been a difficult question for me.

Money just doesn't motivate most characters very much, contrary to what you might expect ICly.

The exception is the Byn, which more or less exists to accept money in exchange for doing things. If you ask for anything off the beaten path though, it can take a long time for them to do it (if ever).  And a huge amount of coin. Which means spending 98% of your time crafting away, and 2% having fun.

Some people are great at socializing both players and staff and making them enthusiastic about a goal. Some (like me) are not. I've created objectives and the like, only to find everyone to be utterly unenthusiastic, or even hostile in a few cases, to the idea of doing the associated in-game "work", for lack of a better term.

Maybe an answer is to respond to players looking for co-participants (e.g. family members). Having a few characters on the same page about something is a huge boost, even if you are limited to four in your family. I guess that's moving away from being true indie though. Also, the average half-life of characters isn't very long. Your family members are inevitably going to die off. Leaving you alone, if you survive the longest, and then what do you do.
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Re: How to create indie RP/plots
« Reply #7 on: May 13, 2019, 09:51:15 AM »
Similar to a section in Mansa's New Player guide... find out what someone's goals are, and try and make your character work for those goals.

Or, have your own goals that require other people. Maybe it needs a custom craft, maybe you need a bunch of blocky stone delivered to build a hut in the middle of nowhere, or maybe your PC just wants to not 'have to work another day in their lives'. All of those would require assistance from other people. Find them. Talk to them.

Similarly, I feel that coins aren't as big a motivator among PCs. Nobody is going to do something 'for free', but find something you can do/provide outside of coins that someone would work for. Access to an apartment? Cheap food? Maybe your favorite crafter is in need of new tools... go buy some 300 coin tools from Salarr and gift those, rather than just 300 coins. Be creative in how you pay people. Additionally, most players are looking for 'something to do' rather than 'coin to spend'. Come up with something for them to work on. Crafter making you a 'generic' sword? Tell them the edge looks off, have them sharpen it. Say the hilt is all wrong and doesn't fit your fingers.

In short, people want to do things with indies just as much as clanned people, but clans tend to get more staff support. As an indie, find out what can be done that doesn't REQUIRE staff intervention, but would just be ENHANCED by it. Then your plots can happen/continue regardless of whether someone logged on or not.
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