Author Topic: Can we peek behind the curtain?  (Read 623 times)


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Can we peek behind the curtain?
« on: April 24, 2019, 01:32:42 AM »
I was curious barring any IC info.

What a day looks like for the various staff who run the game?

What does a producer do?

What does an admin do?

What do the storytellers do?

Also, I'm aware you guys all answer requests, so that part we know.

I mean what do you do in game? Is it mostly animating for folks?  Is it mostly adding things in for roleplay (ie volcano eruptions).


I log in, attempt to contact all the people that matter to my current character.

Check the time, if enough time permits and no interaction is available with said people mentioned before, I move to the outdoors to gather materials and explore.

I tend to turn in for the night icly in the town and hang out in taverns and visit with social folks, hear rumors, spread rumors, make deals for shit I collected for the day.

Rinse and repeat come dawn.

Of course this is barring anything exciting happens like I almost die, or come across someone who needs help or killing etc.
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Re: Can we peek behind the curtain?
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2019, 04:41:33 AM »
I log into the game and greet everyone in caps, because only a greeting in caps can convey how excited I am to see people dying in the game players having fun in the game.

I hug everyone. I stole that habit off Rene.

I harass Shabago for a bit. With no consent.

I go through requests.

I try to help Shabago with the economy project, cringe, and play dead.

I harass Shabago nonconsensually some more by throwing a party in his imm room and force everyone to join.

I repeatedly refresh the request tool to see if there are any more new gossips requests I missed.

Caverin breaks the game or something in the game or the entire server and we all blame him.

Shabago decides to go to bed and tells everyone to behave.

Aromit tries to dick everyone. He succeeds.

Cizin finds out he's been pinfoed with random comments 2 months too late and finally has a reaction.

Akariel blows someone up with a cigar.

Then Caverin harasses Arilou and they start to spam kill each other with the [redacted].

The endless beeping wakes up Nathvaan who thinks the game is exploding only to find out it was Caverin and Arilou killing each other.

Sometimes Nessalin is there, and he shows us funny gifs.

It is around this time that I turn on mon all, and I see that [redacted] [redacted] is [redacted] and [redacted] [redacted] [redacted], [redacted] [redacted] but [redacted] [redacted] and I was like oh dear lord, my eyes! And swear not to turn on mon all ever again.


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Re: Can we peek behind the curtain?
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2019, 05:06:03 AM »
Who let Ayomai out? Dammit.

I will provide you with a proper staff day in the life of Cave-in:

  • I log on, normally open up the request tool and see what's up with whoever I'm staffing over and see if there are any immediate needs.
  • I will usually then see who is on in my clan and then if there is something that they need such as an animation or what-not I'll provide that.
  • At this point I'll go and answer any other requests or bugs, generally more on the monotonous side, such as adding people to GDB forums, kudos, ect.
  • I'll then usually break that up with animating for people who are on/providing echoes, or building for anything that needs building.
  • Then there is the usual answering of wishes for various things IG.

Keep in mind that anything such as this can easily vary from staff member to staff member, and different people have different ways they go about stuff. And it's not exactly something I'll stick to if there are RPT's or something else taking my attention, but I try to stick to it at least a little - the main reason being it can be easy to pump through a whole butt-load of requests then get burnt out. Variety is good.


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Re: Can we peek behind the curtain?
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2019, 05:26:06 AM »
I log into the game, howl through immcomm with Aroooo which has been my warcry.

I see who's online, get excited about new players or returning players.

Check locations of all players in the game to see if anyone is somewhere "fun"

Monitor my clan, find out many of them are mudsexxing

Stop monitoring, emotes too spicy.

Monitor selectively without regret.

do my RL work/cook/game while seeing what folks in the game are up to.

Dick someone, I succeed. (Ayomai wasn't wrong about this)

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l ayomai's neck
Yup, it's a penis.

Get accused of other dickings not done by me, take pride in the accusation.

Add account notes to the immortal avatar of a new staffer, wait two months to see if they notice.

Add room echoes to a staff members room which occasionally echoes the disconnected from Armageddon info message. Wait to see them disconnect/reconnect trying to fix connection. Giggle quietly to myself.

I hang out in my staff room sometimes, its often full of npc's I utilize regularly or pieces of a project I'm putting together. My staff room often looks like chaos.

Sometimes I hang out in default room, this is where all the big staff hang out, they're cool so they don't even go invisible anymore.

Harass my admin about projects I want to do. Ramble about 10 other various topics while I'm at it, confuse my admin.

Sprinkle in some animation or echoes for players in my clan or that catch my attention. Forget I was talking with my admin.

Show up 5 hours later to continue conversation with admin like it was never interrupted.

When idle I am often shadowing a member of the clan, who I'm shadowing varies but I like to keep up with interactions between clannies.

I tend to always be whittling away at some build project or another, be it mastercrafts or npc's or fixing npc's and items.

I dance between requests/idb/gdb clan forums/discord throughout the day to try and stay plugged into things going on.


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Re: Can we peek behind the curtain?
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2019, 10:10:34 AM »
From the Admin end:

Log in, get hugged by Ayomai.

Fire up the google docs to carry on with economy work.

Flip back to Arm and wonder why there are 3-5 staff in my room having a party.

Cry on the inside.

Work on items through the spam of Storytellers trying to out-troll each other in my room. Ask if any of them want to help.

Wonder why Ayomai is lying dead on the ground.

Start working again.

Pause to listen to plot ideas from Aromit, wonder why he went quiet for 3 hours. Must've been a squirrel.

Start to work again.

Go fix Ayomai's broken Avatar, tell Arilou and Caverin to stop giving Nathvaan a heart-attack.

Go back to work.

Wonder what the hell Aromit is talking about, 3 hours later - scroll back my buffer.

Silently weep I have these people as my Storytellers.

Try to work some more after asking Producers if I can ban them.

Eventually get tired, tell them to please not melt down Ginka while I sleep.

Cry a little before actually falling asleep, because Ginka will be melted down when I wake up.

Wake up, log in, repeat.

**Actual answer:

Economy is my main project, so I try to get as many items as I can done in between other needs.
General feedback/discussion on plot/animation/game changing stuff.
Weigh in on or answer the request tool for things that require Admin+
NPC/OBJ/Craft/room review/approvals.
Monitor and or animate as needed or wanted.
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Re: Can we peek behind the curtain?
« Reply #5 on: April 24, 2019, 06:21:26 PM »
Usual day in the life of Cizin:-

Boot up the laptop.

Open up the GDB, IDB and Request Tool.

Check Discord, change a few nicknames to show people how much they love me.

Log onto the client. Get kidnapped by Ayomai so she can show me Who she got killed today this awesome thing she found.

Annoy Shabago for a bit by partying with Ayomai.

Head to my imm room whilst doing requests, (responses, item building, etc) there's a lot of NPC's there I use so it feels like I have friends.

Once I've done that, I'll see whos hanging about, monitor clannies, or animate if the need calls. Sometimes, I animate for non-clannies, but mostly in an annoying capacity.

It's about this time I consider helping Shabago with his re-work project, then realise I'm exhausted, so I say night, and go sleep.

I'll usually check the request tool through the day at work and pipe in on discord whilst I have lulls in my work schedule.

Ayomai will occasionally tell me Aromit dicked me on my Pinfo, so I return the favour and wait for him to notice.

Very occasionally, I'll try feeding 'Looonsh milk, and he kills me.
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