Author Topic: Possible Update to Rules? Suggestion of Sorts.  (Read 435 times)


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Possible Update to Rules? Suggestion of Sorts.
« on: April 18, 2019, 11:49:49 PM »
So everyone has played a character in a clan or with a very tight group of characters.

I know the rules say you can't talk about your character until a year passed their time or the occurrence.

But then you find yourself interacting with someone from a past character and they mention they are wondering what happened to (old character) in passing.

Perhaps add a request tool type called RIP Notice or something to that effect that would allow you to write a rumor or some type of message to be passed to your old boss, lover or whatever, this way they can know you're dead and gone or stored.

I think it would be nice to give someone a heads up so they don't hold out hope that their best friend Buddy the whatever is going to one day reappear and was just on vacation away from the internet.

I say request tool because then you can monitor it and if there is something going on behind the scenes, you can choose to do it or not.  Similar to how you process Kudos and Complaints.

I dunno, I just think there should be a way to say goodbye and give folks that bit of closure that they will never see X or Y again.
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Re: Possible Update to Rules? Suggestion of Sorts.
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2019, 01:50:44 AM »

Armageddon isn't about closure.  It's about Murder, Corruption, and Betrayal.  It's about Mystery, it's about Passion, it's about Brutality.

Having a closure style thread, request, whathaveyou will rob many players of some of that wonder.  If you tell Joe Assassin, your trusted aide, to go whack Lord Fuzzybottom because of X, Y, and even Z, then you're stuck wondering who's going to show up next.  If you log off that night after dispatching your assassin, only to get a "Hey I'm dead d00d!" message the next morning, there's none of that tension, that suspense, that mystery.  In real life, if one of your friends goes off into the sunset, and you don't see or hear from them for five years, but then you suddenly do, isn't it a lovely feeling to reconvene and share experiences?  You can have that in Armageddon too, but if you keep an eye on the DeadBoard and never see them post, the wondering on If they are dead is gone.  That emotional impact just won't be there when you see them again in game.

Doing it through the request tool would also have the additional negative effect of giving us, your staff, a hell of a lot more work.  We'd have to look through every request, look through every log, question ever staff member your PC bounced off of, before we determined if it was OK to send this request. 

Hope this helps clear up our stance on this.
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